Getting Diabetic Socks

When you are struck with diabetes, and you have to get the right diabetic socks, it can get complicated. There are so many to choose from and you are never guaranteed in getting something that you will be satisfied with. Today we looked at some of the best diabetic socks you can find on the market.

Types of Diabetic Socks


In our Happy and Healthy feet store, we have a great assortment of diabetic socks which are easy scalable in price. One that is quite used right now is the Caresox Euros OTC Graduated Compression. The Caresox Euros, of course manufactured by Caresox is the perfect sock created for lower limbs in mind. It provides great comfort and wellness.

Caresox Euros Diabetic Socks

Caresox Euros

Manufactured in Italy, the quick drying Silver DryStat fibers is anti fungal, anti bacterial and odor resistant. The Patented Graduated Compression improves circulation, stimulating blood flow vein return and reducing foot and leg swelling. The gradual compression makes you feel revitalized and energetic throughout the day.

Caresox is always on the cutting edge of technology and quality. With the Caresox Euros OTC Graduated Compression diabetic socks, they are doing it again.  They use a Silver infused long lasting Polypropylene Anti Bacterial – Anti Fungal – Anti Microbial. In summary what it means to you is that it reduces odor, fungus and bacteria growing from your socks.

Their easy maintenance are worry free. When washing them, the Quick Dry socks can be cool dry or hang dry. It helps in keeping your feet drier by wicking away any moisture. Its price is very modest and can be easily purchased for only $18.79, on sale from $29.99 (price subject to change).

Some of the features are:

• Superior fit and comfort and Easy On/Off
• Excellent support and Patented Graduated Compression
• Helps stimulate blood flow
• Flat Knit Toe Seam, maximizing protection

Try them out and see how you feel. It is a very good quality diabetic sock that will cater to your needs and give you the comfort and quality you are looking for.

Other notable diabetic socks


One other quality diabetic socks you will find in our Happy and Healthy Feet Store is the SKINS Men’s Essentials Compression Socks. Designed for men, these socks provide an excellent