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Taking care of our feet has become more and more important now that 2018 has arrived. One of these things people will do to care more is to improve the circulation in their feet and lower legs. A detailed footcare buyer’s guide listing the best foot care accessories and devices will enhance your abilities to find what Footcare devices are working for your feet.

For seniors and diabetics, as well as people who stand for long hours daily, the proper foot care for their feet is essential to their well-being. Circulation Boosters can be a great tool to improve circulation in your feet and in your lower legs. You may also want to consider a foot massager or a foot bath to keep your feet happy.

1 – Best Foot Circulation Booster for 2019

Coming back to circulation boosters we have provided a detailed run down of all the circulation boosters that work and provide great relief to your feet. Since many of them exist, finding the best foot circulation booster may prove to be a chore and deception, if it doesn’t answer your needs.

Finding the best foot circulation booster…

MedMassager Foot Massager

MedMassager MMF06

You will likely find a circulation booster for sale at your local drug store or at the big box stores but they will only carry a brand or two. It has to do with market share and territory. That is why it is important for you to make the right choice. Your choice of the best foot circulation booster should based on results, cost, and the convenience to use it.

You will find more details on our homepage on what to consider when buying a foot circulation booster. In our circulation booster buyer’s guide, we breakdown the purpose of circulation boosters, how they work, their purpose and much more info you need to consider prior to purchase a foot circulation booster.

I have broken down the circulation boosters available on the market and also on sites like Amazon, where you have more options and also more say in the purchase of your foot circulation booster.

When you look to buy a foot circulation booster, you must be able to differentiate what is a circulation booster. It is important to know the difference between a circulation booster that will stimulate your circulation in your feet through muscle stimulation and a foot spa massager that will simply relax your feet with a kneading effect under your feet. So when you buy a circulation booster, consider the process of how the device works. If it is a massager you want, the process of relaxation and eliminating the pain  will be achieved through a different process with a foot massager than a foot circulation booster.

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2 – Best Orthotics Insoles for 2019

Superfeet ORANGE

If you have a bad case of plantar fasciitis stabilizing your feet and supporting your arches is important. Prevention of further complications from long standing hours requires you to have the best orthotics in your shoes. You will notice that two brands reign over the best orthotics inserts you can find. They are Superfeet and Dr. Scholl’s. Superfeet and Dr. Scholl’s proves that the best inserts for your shoes requires good foam padding and a flexibility to size it for optimum comfort.

Finding the best foot orthotics insoles…

Finding the best orthotics is made easy from our buyer’s guide for orthotics insoles in 2017. In the buyer’s guide,  you will find out more about how the top five orthotics insoles on the market are made of and how they protect your feet from unnecessary heel pain or leg fatigue. We go in depth on their features, how they are designed and provide valuable information on how to wear them.

When you end up going with orthotics insoles in your footwear, you will have to take some considerations on how you will correct the biomechanical form of your feet that has gone wrong. If it is a case of plantar fasciitis, then the orthotics insoles function you are buying may be different then an orthotic inserts for heel spurs, as an example.

To make your decision easier, please consult our Orthotics Insoles Buyer’s Guide here for more details and information on how the inserts work and how to select them.

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3 – Best Foot Files in 2019

When finding the best foot files for your feet, the selection can be overwhelming. There are many of them on the market and they have all different features, which may confuse you even more. One main question you could ask yourself is whether you need to buy a foot file. Other questions are:

  • Are my feet dry?
  • Do I have cracked heels?
  • Do I suffer from calluses?
  • Do I want my feet to feel soft again?

If you answer: YES, to any of these question, you probably need to get a foot file for your dry feet. Foot files come in different style and may be called also a foot scraper.

What are Foot Files?

Manual Foot File

Before getting into our ten best foot files for removing dry skin, it is important to understand what they are, how to use them and how to maintain them.

Simply put, a foot file is a file, which is specifically designed to scrape and remove the dry and dead skin on your feet. They are mostly used to remove the dead skin under your feet and will address your needs particularly for your heels and the ball of your feet. Foot files are very efficient in removing calluses which is a common foot problem.  When removed, the second skin layer is free of the dead skin and your feet feel soft again.

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4 – Best Compression Socks in 2019 (Medical and Performance)

When buying the best compression socks for medical or sports reasons, you have to take into account several factors and how it will help you medically or your performance, if you are an athlete.


Is Wearing the Best Compression Socks Make That Much of a Difference?

Best Compression Socks - Physix Stamina Compression Socks

Physix Performance Compression Socks

We’ve seen athletes wearing compression socks on TV or live more and more. Whether it is in football, basketball or soccer, the wearing of compression socks in sports athletes have increased and many of them swear it helps them in their performance while it helps avoiding injuries as well as recovering from them in a quicker manner. if you intend on getting the best compression socks for athletic reasons because they just look cool on the field or on the court, you are getting them for the wrong reasons. Compression socks worn by athletes have a purpose and we will look further into our buyer’s guide below.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks or compression stockings as some may call are socks which will enhance the blood flow in legs and feet. Compression socks slightly squeeze your legs in order to send the blood upward in your legs.  blood flow in your legs. By doing so, it will reduce the swelling of your legs and for diabetes it will reduce the risks of blood clots. People who are affected with varicose veins, spider veins or just coming out of surgery could be prescribed with compression socks so the blood flows and promotes healing.

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5 – Best Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis in 2019

A Buyer’s Guide to Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

Suffering from plantar fasciitis is nowadays a common foot problems amongst the population at large. It is not a pleasant situations and it can be very inconvenient and severely limit your day-today activities. Luckily, we have tools to correct the problem and finding the best compression socks for plantar fasciitis is one of them.

We felt that if we wanted to talk about compression socks in general, we had to talk specifically about this type of compression socks too. So we added this buyer’s guide aimed providing as much information as possible about the compression socks aimed at reducing the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot problem nowadays and we felt addressing discussing the compression Socks Buyer’s Guide for Plantar Fasciitis was well worth it. At Foot Revitalize, we’ve covered plantar fasciitis HERE and HERE you may want to read that article focused solely on this common foot problem.

Continuing on with the best compression socks buyer’s guide, we address our attention to plantar fasciitis sufferers. It is aimed at finding the best compression socks for individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis and looking for any possible relief from a compression socks or sleeves.

Below, you will find some answers to your concerns and also a list of the best compression sock for plantar fasciitis.

Does Compression Socks Help Plantar Fasciitis?

In general, compression socks for plantar fasciitis will help greatly at reducing the pain emanating from your foot’s arches. When you see compression socks for plantar fasciitis, their purpose is to exactly compressed and support the arches. The compression sock or sleeve act as a tape taped around your foot at the arches area. This is a common way by physiotherapists to mask and reduce the pain from plantar fasciitis.

How does compression socks for plantar fasciitis reduce your pain?

The principle is relatively simple. What the physiotherapist will do is lift and support the arch ion a correct fashion. In addition of the support provided, the compression socks for plantar fasciitis will also increase the blood flow in the foot and ankle. The increased blood circulation in the foot will reduce the inflammation caused by the plantar fasciitis. So by wearing compression socks you are effectively ticking both boxes. The compression socks for plantar fasciitis will achieve two things: support the arch and reduce the inflammation caused by its lack of support of the plantar fascia.

One great features of the compression socks for plantar fasciitis is that you can wear them during the day but also at night. You may want to switch for a different pair at night and feel good with a clean pair for night time. The night time compression socks will deliver the relief to your plantar fascia like any plantar fasciitis splints and you will feel more comfortable to sleep. The compression socks for plantar fasciitis can be very effective if you are an avid runner or walker.

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