Foot Care Tips for the Active Person

Although computers and games have become part of our lives, a large part of the population is still quite active. Amongst us, you will find the one’s who are very active like athletes and workout addicts. You will also find those who takes their regular walks and you will easily detect those who work tirelessly. A common denominator exist within these groups of people and its the lack of care of their own two feet. For the active person, feet are not a priority, until problems emerge.

In this article, we look at foot care tips for the active person.

Throughout the myriad of daily reminders to stay healthy by exercising, losing weight, and stop smoking, we rarely hear on proper foot care. The health of our feet is just as important as our other body parts like our back, for example.

When you reach the age of 50 years-old, most of us have already walked or ran  approximately 75,000 miles. That’s even better than most cars on the market too. Increasing the amount of miles walked in your lifetime can be more pleasant without pain associated to your feet like poor circulation, swollen feet, bad shoes, pronation and supination. Therefore, these foot care tips for the active person will certainly help you.

You should never neglect the health of your feet. usually, foot problems generates other problems elsewhere in your body. Complications resulting from poor health ranges from blisters and calluses to pulled muscles and arthritis. Your feet have smaller bones and a lot a soft tissues. When you overdo certain activities, combined with the careless approach to foot care, your feet developed bigger and longer-lasting problems.

Where Does Foot Care Start?

When you are an active individual, foot care start by what shoe you will wear for those activities. Having foot pain during a strenuous activity is normal and will occur. But the pain should be from fatigue and disappear quickly with rest. The foot pain you get during those activities should remind you to correct what’s causing it.

Start with the Right Shoes

We’ve talked about this before in other articles on getting the right running shoes for walking, jogging or running will avoid tons of issues with your feet short-term and long-term. In your shoes, you should feel comfortable. Your toes should not be squeezed together (shoe width) and they should not rub at the pointy end either. There has to be a bit of space for the toes to wiggle a bit.

You should also look at having the right support. Remember when we mentioned supination and pronation? A pair of shoes without the proper support will bring long term problems to your feet whether it is over-pronation or over supination. When your feet start rolling inward or outward, the risk of hurting your knees and eventually your back will be inevitable. Furthermore, your are also hurting your ankles and risk spraining them too.

Wear a Good Pair of Socks

Socks come in different sizes and colors. Some are looser and some are tight around your lower legs. We’ve talked in the past about compression socks. In our buyer’s guide for compression socks, we thoroughly recommend the read because it will tell you whether a compression sock is what you may need. I mention compression socks because a lot of active people will go for that option. Having a gradual compression will increase blood flow and reduce the leg swelling problem. Look for a sock that will bring more endurance of being on your feet.

Conduct Exercises Aimed For Your Feet

You are saying: “Yeah right…!” Did you know there are exercises you can do to strengthen your feet and your ankles? feet can also be stretched just like you stretch calves and hamstrings. Toes can be easily stretched sitting down after an activity by wiggling them up and down or even trying to spread them apart. Spreading your toes apart can help them naturally move into better alignment. You can also open the arch of your foot by bringing your toes back. Finally yoga poses can be a really great time to stretch and exercise your feet.

Take a Look At Your Feet Once In A While

Have a Look at Your FeetHow often do you stop and look at your feet? Probably you do them if you drop something on the ground…right? The truth is you must take the time to look at your feet. Your feet can tell you a lot of information by the color they appear, if they are swollen, misaligned, or have a lot of dry skin. Always make sure you have a daily look at them, particularly after an activity like a walk or run. You should never wait until your foot hurts to look at them.

Listen to Your Body

When it comes down to it, you know your body. If you’re doing something that causes pain, stop and try to figure out why. Don’t be afraid to try some new techniques and equipment to alleviate the issue, but also know when to call it quits and call in a healthcare professional. After all, the happier your feet are, the longer your adventures can be.

Jean Bertrand

Jean is the founder of Foot Revitalize and is the main contributor to Foot Revitalize. A runner and a serviceman, he has researched many foot issues and studies. Currently living in Canada, he enjoys writing about Foot Care for the benefit of its many readers.

Foot Care Tips – Our Feet Deserves Equal Attention

There was a time when mankind used to roam this earth barefoot. But now thinking about doing the same may be considered preposterous. Over  the years, we have discovered ways to do proper foot care, so we are overall healthy and able to do our activities. When we say we need to pamper ourselves the last thing we think about is our feet. Even though it is as important as any other part of our body, we tend to give it a step motherly treatment. Like your face and hands, your feet should also be taken care of. Foot care starts with simple things like a proper shoe or sock. But there are so many foot care tips you can follow and we have provided that to you in this article.

Foot Care Tips to Follow

Foot care Tips - Soaking Your Feet in a Bowl

Foot Care Tips – Soaking Your Feet

By following some good foot care tips you can take care of your feet too. The first mistake many of us do to harm our feet is to buy one of the most uncomfortable shoes. If you are a working person you have to consider that you would be in these shoes for a great part of the day. Buying a good shoe is always very important. Whenever you go to buy shoes, check your foot size, because the sizes of your feet may differ. Considering that, you should buy shoe for the biggest foot. It is better to go shopping for shoes in late afternoons as our feet swell the most during this time of the day.

Yoga has been spreading like a wild fire and you can try some yoga asanas, which would be useful for your feet. There was a time when walking was the only mode of transport in our lives and due to which our feet used to get the proper exercise. Nowadays, there is less walking and more of sitting in the car, waiting to reach our destination. So exercising is a good way to help your feet.

Proper personal hygiene would help your feet from getting infected by any of the skin diseases or other foot problems. Change your socks daily and see to it that is of good material which would help in the breathing process of your feet.

Some simple and easy ways to take care of your feet

  • Scrubbing your feet with pumice stone will help remove the dead and dry skin;
  • Apply foot cream before going to bed to prevent any cracked heels problems;
  • If your feet smell, use talcum powder or foot sprays this would keep your feet dry and clean;
  • Soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water which is mixed with salt and add drops of lavender oil to relax your feet;
  • Hot and cold treatment also works very well for your feet. To improve blood circulation, dip your feet in hot water then in cold water alternatively;
  • Soaking your feet in warm water mixed with shampoo, helps your toe nails immensely;
  • To fight cracked heels. Mix few drops of lemon juice in Vaseline and apply it at the required area
  • Almond Oil is very good for your skin. Applying it regularly to your feet after bath will get you a smooth result; and
  • Regular pedicure is also very essential to have clean and good feet.

Healing Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels Remedy at Home

Cracked Heels – A Common Foot Problem

According to statistics, an average person walks around 6500 km in his lifetime. So you can imagine how much stress your feet go through in one lifetime. Cracked heels are due to years of neglect; hence do not expect positive results in two days.

Common cause for Cracked Heels

• Standing for long periods of time
• Being overweight
• Open backed shoes
• Medical condition which causes drying of the skin, prevalent in diabetes
• Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema

Common Treatment for Cracked Heels

Clean and moisturize your feet daily. Before going to bed, soak your feet in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes, wash and dab it dry. Take one teaspoon Vaseline, add lemon juice extracted from one lemon. Rub this mixture on your feet mainly the cracked areas. Let the skin absorb this mixture. Do this daily to get maximum benefits.

Mixture of glycerin and rosewater applied on daily basis helps heal the cracked feet.

Exfoliating and scrubbing your feet is very important. The accumulation of dead skin can worsen the problem. Use of pumice stone or a loofah to remove the dead skin is recommended.

Apply oil based moisturizer on your feet, twice daily if possible.

Pamper your feet by giving it a pedicure either at home or at a parlor. If you are too lazy to go to the parlor wash your feet in sea salt water and scrub it. Apply hand and body cream on your feet.

In 100gms of coconut oil, add 3 teaspoon camphor and 3 tablespoon paraffin wax melted. Apply this daily on your cracked heels before going to bed. After washing it in the morning apply hand and body cream.

Exfoliation with the help of strawberry. Crush 6-8 strawberries; mix two tablespoons of olive or almond oil and one teaspoon of sea salt. Apply this paste on your feet and use vigorous movements to improve blood circulation. Leave it for 10-15 minutes; rinse using with warm water then cold water. You could do the same thing using almonds instead of strawberries. Other scrubs can be prepared by grinding corncobs and walnut sheet (very useful for tough skin and hardened heels). The juices and oil from the different fruits and nuts helps to nourish your feet.

What else helps?

There are some different brands of cream you can acquire at many health care store, pharmacies and specialized foot treatment store. If you want to stay within your budget, try the O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet 3.2oz.

The O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet 3.2oz. is a highly effective moisturizer for severely dry-Feet that frequently crack and split. The odorless, concentrated formula naturally hydrates the skin, adjusting the pH balance and helping to retain moisture.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.