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Doing an Amope Pedi Perfect Review in our Foot Revitalize website was needed for two reasons. First, it does revitalize your feet and second, my wife saw the product in-store, talked with friends who had it and finally she wanted one. So I had the perfect customer to get my information on this product.

The Amope Pedi Perfect is a fairly new product for the consumers and the recent commercials on TV took the market by storm. It included my wife for whom I bought the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File for Christmas, 2 years ago. She had heard from her friend the Amope Pedi Perfect was awesome and she included it on her Santa's List. After she got it from Christmas, watching her using it and telling me how great it works; I asked if she had any issues with it.

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Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File, Callous Remover for Feet, Hard and Dead Skin - Rechargeable & Waterproof (Packaging May Vary)
Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File, Callous Remover for Feet, Hard and Dead Skin - Rechargeable & Waterproof (Packaging May Vary)

Needles to say, I was happy that she was satisfied with the product. I still wanted to find out, if there were any problems or limitations in the Amope Pedi Perfect. So I decided to write this Amope Pedi Perfect review and find out if this is all smoke from the manufacturer and there are issues or if it is as great as my wife stated to me.

Amope has greatly evolved its Pedi Perfect dead skin removal devices. From the simple dry only Amope Pedi Perfect battery-powered calluses buffer, the Amope Pedi Perfect now comes in various models. You can still get the dry-only type or you can get the wet and dry electronic version as we have featured below. In addition, you can also get the full foot spa-kit, where you can add creams and lotions from Amope after the removal of dead skin on your feet.

For the purpose of this Amope Pedi Perfect review, we are having a general look at the product. We look at the product from Amope in a general way, whether it is the wet and dry or the dry only or the whole kit including the creams and lotions.

What is the Amope Pedi Perfect?

The Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File is a battery-powered handheld file aimed at removing easily and quickly dry hardened skin and calluses. The device is mostly sold at any local drug stores or you can purchase it from the confines of your home from Amazon. Its priced well within your budget means. Fed by four AA batteries. The Amope Pedi Perfect consists of an electronic foot file with a 1 coarse roller head. This roller head is built with long-lasting micro-abrasive particles called diamond crystals. This roller head removes dry skin and calluses quickly compared to manual handheld foot file. When engaged, the roller head buffs away hard skin leaving you with visibly and touchable smooth-Feet.

The Amope Pedi Perfect features a safety mechanism when too much pressure is applied. The device turns off when this pressure exceeds the normal operation. It comes with a spare roller. Rollers tend to wear after a certain period and are to be replaced. Eventually like men's razors, replacement rollers must be purchased and replaced. They usually average 10 to 20 dollars.

Amope Pedi Perfect Features

  • Electric foot filer for callus removal;
  • Ergonomically shaped handle;
  • Removes hardened skin in minutes;
  • Soft, smooth and beautiful feet "in an instant";
  • Safety stop which shuts down the device when too much pressure is applied;
  • New rollers include micro-abrasive particles; and
  • Battery Powered by 4 AA batteries.

Amope Pedi Perfect Pros and Cons

Amope Pedi Perfect Review - Roller Head
Amope Pedi Perfect Review - Roller Head

In this Pros and Cons, I am relying on my own personal use and some of the comments extracted from other users via Amazon, where you can acquire the Amope Pedi Perfect.


Easy to get locally;

Quick action for the person on-the-go;

Safety device when applying too much pressure;

Pack comes with after-buff cream to smooth your feet;

Initial battery pack included; and

Can be used wet and dry.


Some models may break easily (new product)

Price can be too pricey for some; and

Roller heads must be replaced at a cost.

Our Review on the Amope Pedi Perfect

Myself personally, when I gave the Amope Pedi Perfect to my wife for Christmas, she was extremely happy. the only hiccup occurred when it stopped running after a week. The little motor inside the handle died. I was fortunate enough have kept the receipt to return it and get a new one. The process was a bit complicated since the local drug store didn't want it and we had to email directly the manufacturer to get a certificate allowing us to return it. Since then, the second one has worked great. My personal conclusion on this one was that it was simply a dud and not a manufacturer's defect with the Amope Pedi Perfect.

Since then, Amope has brought in additional products to their electronic file. they have made the file as a pedicure kit and it now comes with the foot care cream to apply after. I thought it was a nice touch and the whole kit comes with this cute little bag just for the kit.

The price can be a bit steep if you have been using the good ol' hand file and went at it for a long time to the point you got tired of filing your heels. Overall, the investment is well worth it. It worked great and fast. This allows you to do it more often since it doesn't take very long.

The batteries last for quite a while too. It will always depend on how much you use it but if you use your Amope once or twice a week, your batteries should last for a long time. Keep in mind the Amope Pedi Perfect comes now as a rechargeable device, which will cut the cost of batteries.

As for the roller heads, they eventually need to be replaced and you only get one spare when you purchase the Amope Pedi Perfect. Like razor blades, you have to buy replacements eventually when it is worn out. I found the cost of replacing the roller heads were a bit high. The price for a pair of roller heads was $20.00 at the local drugstore.

What others think of the Amope Pedi Perfect

In bringing this Amope Pedi Perfect review to our readers, we had to consider our personal use and also the other customers' feedback on the product to consolidate our thoughts.

Other people's comments on the Amope Pedi Perfect were very positive. they truly enjoyed the fact there was a replacement for pumice stones, long hours of buffing, foot sandpaper and layers of cream after cream to get a result that will come somewhat close to soft and healthy feet.

Some did complain that it wasn't strong enough but in general the pressure applied saved them hours of buffing and sanding. The addition of the cream and the overall kit approach was a nice upgrade.

The replacement cost of the roller heads was of some concerns to some, who felt the 20.00 to spend in order to get new roller heads was a bit high. This was indicated in our review below as one of the disadvantages.

Our Final Review on the Amope Pedi Perfect

When we tested the Amope Pedi Perfect we took into consideration those criteria's..

  • convenience;
  • the battery life;
  • file (roller heads) replacement;
  • the overall quality of the Amope Pedi Perfect;
  • the expansion of accessories with the Amope Pedi Perfect (up-sells); and
  • the cost.

When we trialed this product we noted pros and cons based on our own personal use and also on the use of others, like you the customers, who have bought the Amope Pedi Perfect and have provided your personal comments and feedback.

Now, let's look at the factors mentioned above more in detail.


We thought the Amope Pedi perfect was very convenient in its use. It gets rid of the dead skin in a quick way and you don't have to remove the dead kin forever. It is great for the person on the go. Its roller head is very active in removing the dead skin which allows having your feet great in no time. We also looked at the convenience to carry the Amope Pedi Perfect around like when traveling. As you have read above, the Amope Pedi Perfect comes also in its own carry bag which is a nice feature for any beauty and feel a great product. Therefore, based on these key elements of our criteria, we gave the Amope Pedi Perfect a score of 9.5 for convenience.

Battery Life

It is important to specify that the Amope Pedi perfect runs on 4 AA batteries. We also assessed the product based on normal use, which is using the Amope Pedi perfect once or twice a week. When we reviewed that aspect of the Amope, we determined the dead skin shaver had a very long battery life. Although it is not forever, the batteries can last for 2 to 3 months when used normally. We should also specify that the review was also based on the fact that the Amope was operating optimally. Of note, Amope Pedi Perfect is also available as a rechargeable device, which doesn't require batteries.

File Replacement

If there are any weak points in the Amope Pedi Perfect, it could be with the roller heads or the files that require to be replaced. We found the files used during my wife's use and also during our own trial that the file wears out quickly, which means buying more roller heads. A set of two (pair) goes for approximately $20.00USD. It is, of course, an upsell from Amope.


We looked at the quality of the Amope Pedi Perfect, as a whole. We looked to see if the quality of inserting a roller head stays put for example. One other element of our criteria is the little motor inside whether it fails or runs as said. On this note, we found the Amope Pedi Perfect performed very well quality-wise.


The up-sells for the Amope Pedi Perfect are a nice touch. When they first started on the market, you could buy the Amope Pedi Perfect as a single unit and then buy the replacement roller heads when worn out. Now you have many variances of the Amope Pedi Perfect. It comes in a wet and dry option, you can get lotions and creams to apply after removing the dead skin and also it has its own carry bag if you are on the move. We think that Amope has evolved nicely for the benefit of their clients and have listened to other comments and reviews to bring these additions. The cream and lotions that come with a foot spa kit from Amope are also of good quality. They have added the rechargeable Amope to help with battery cost.


When determining the cost for the Amope Pedi Perfect, we felt the device was somewhat pricey. It is well worth the purchase but not everybody can spend the cost associated with the Amope Pedi Perfect. Adding to the cost is the replacement of roller heads. If you are happy with the removal of dead skin manually with a file, and not spending the money on the Amope Pedi Perfect, then it may prove to be a wise choice on your part. If you are fine spending the money to buff your dry feet and hard calloused skin effortlessly in no time, then it is money well spent. because of its price.

Overall Summary

We thought the Amope Pedi perfect was an excellent product to revitalize your feet by removing the dead skin on dry feet and buffing away these hard calluses. It is an excellent tool that is convenient to use and efficient. Built with quality in mind, Amope provides many other accessories that will finish revitalizing your feet once the dead skin gone by applying lotions and creams provided by Amope in their Amope Spa kit. Although the price was a bit high and maybe not for everyone, the cost of taking care of your dry feet may be worth the price.

There is no doubt that the Amope Pedi Perfect is a great product. My wife still enjoys hers and finds it very practical. It does a great job and it doesn't take her forever to remove the dead skin from her feet. Remember the roller heads must be replaced at some point and you have to purchase them. If you get the new kit, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Amope and its aftercare cream all stored in your own little bag. This is perfect when traveling on business or pleasure. It is like having a mobile pedicure. But if you want the wet and dry Amope, it is available and will work fine too.

If you have any comments of your own from using Amope please share with us below in our Comments section.


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