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You may feel that the skin between your toes is itchy. Is the skin on the sides of your feet becoming flaky and irritation signs are showing up? if you guessed that you are suffering from athlete’s foot, you are right. Athlete’s foot is also called tinea pedis by podiatrists and health practitioners. This common fungal infection, affects on average 15 to 25 percent of the population at any given time. So beware, because athlete’s foot can hit you at any given time in your life.

Athlete’s Foot is a Foot Fungus

The athlete’s foot, a skin infection is caused by a fungal infection. Cracked skin, irritation, and itchy foot, are all symptoms prominent of the athlete’s foot, which is also called “foot fungus”. Foot Fungus is common amongst a lot of us.  That is why it is crucial to remedy the situation with the right athlete’s foot cream immediately to avoid more complications resulting from athlete’s foot.

This fungi affects the protein (keraten) on the skin of your feet and because of the lack of breathing and its common location between the toes, can be recurring. Wearing tight, non-breathing footwear allows the fungi to flourish and cause the athlete’s foot worsen.

What are the Best Athlete’s Foot Cream for Athlete’s Foot

Finding the best athlete’s foot cream for athlete’s foot can be like throwing a dart on the dart board. You always to try the good one and hope it will do the job. Below we compile a generous list of the best athlete’s foot cream.

1 – Miracle Foot Repair Cream

The Miracle Foot Repair Cream for dry cracked and itchy feet is an athlete foot cream easy to purchase . You can get it at an affordable price while getting the result you expect for quick relief. It is available in a 3 pack (more economic) or as a single pack. The creators of this athlete foot cream are from the firm Miracle of Aloe, who specializes in various “As Seen on TV” products.

Best Athlete's Foot Cream Miracle Foot Repair
Best Athlete's Foot Cream Miracle Foot Repair

Miracle Foot Repair

An easy cream to apply, the Miracle Foot Repair Cream comes with a 60% pure Ultra Aloe added ingredient. The power of Aloe in this cream are exceptional in the care of your skin and particularly your feet.

Highly recommended, the Miracle Foot Repair Cream for athlete’s foot, is remarkable in curing Athlete’s foot while making your heel and feet soft. Some of the features from the  Miracle Foot Cream is the ability to eliminate foot odor and at the same time to provide a skin treatment for your feet. It is safe to use for diabetics too.

With a 1% menthol component, the Miracle of Aloe Foot Cream,  relieves dry, cracked, itchy, tired achy feet almost instantly. In addition, this product is safe for diabetics to use. The results are different for everybody but the recommended application should be carefully followed. For feet problems and aches, it a sure bet and highly recommended.

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The other athlete foot cream that interests us for cracked heels is the Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream 32 Oz bottle. This cream like the one mentioned above is an excellent aloe cream to repair dry, cracked feet and heels. It reduces the itching and will prevent any unpleasant odors. It will have an healing effect and it will surely help.

Ingredients of the Miracle Foot Repair Cream

The scent of aloe will make you feet feel fresh and smell nicely. The component of the Miracle Foot Repair Cream is based on creating a cream that is sourced out of all natural, organically grown aloe vera leaves. They process them using their own very unique Ultra Aloe method. The result of this process produces a superior, more powerful gel rich in moisturizing and healing nutrients.

The gel coming from the Aloe Vera plant has been used for over thousand of years. The curing effect of Aloe Vera for open wound is legendary. That is why using the gel of Aloe Vera on cracked heels is so efficient. Miracle Foot Repair Cream is a gentle cream, so applying it on cracked heels won’t hurt them more. It is generally fast-acting, but regular application is recommended. The cream penetrates below the skin layer, then rehydrates and restore that skin layer.

It is available in different size containers which are: 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz and 32 oz containers. It is 100% guaranteed so Miracle of Aloe stands by their product. Doctors do recommend this product so it is well worth the try.

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2 – Lotrimin Ultra Antifungal Cream

In our next athlete’s foot cream for athlete’s foot, we have found another cream brought to us by Lotrimin. Considered one of the best ointment for athlete’s foot, the Lotrimin Ultra Antifungal Cream will provide soothing to your feet if you are suffering from itchy skin between your toes. Made in the USA, the Lotrimin Ultra Cream is mostly aimed at curing jock itch but contains butenafine hydrochloride to help kill the fungus whether it is located in your groin or your feet. It is safe to use and teenagers will find no harm in using it.

Best Athlete's Foot Cream - The Lotrimin Anti Fugal Cream
Best Athlete's Foot Cream - The Lotrimin Anti Fugal Cream

Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Cream

Lotrimin Ultra Antifungal Athlete’s Foot Cream

As mentioned before, the clinical name for athlete’s foot is called Tinea pedis. This is when fungus takes over and irritates your skin. It affects the skin layer causing an extreme itchiness. At this point, Lotrimin Ultra Antifungal Cream for the feet helps the cracked skin between your toes as well as the bottom and sides of your feet.

This ointment for anti-fungus is known to treat a skin condition called pityriasis (tinea versicolor). This skin condition causes the skin to lighten or darkening, when infected by this fungus. It can affect also the chest, your arms, your legs or even neck. One of the main ingredients in the Lotrimin is called Clotrimazole which consists of an azole antifungal. The Clotrimazole works its magic by stopping the fungus growth.

How to use Lotrimin Antifungal Cream for Athlete’s Foot

When you are to use the Lotrimin Anti Fungal Cream, ensure you apply on the skin only. Do not use this skin cream for your feet in the eyes, mouth, and nose. Before using the Lotrimin Foot Cream, prepare your feet by cleaning them thoroughly. Once dry, you are ready to apply the cream to the affected skin area. The best use of the athlete’s foot cream by Lotrimin is applying it twice a day.

Best Athlete's Foot Cream Lotrimin Athlete's Foot Cream
Best Athlete's Foot Cream Lotrimin Athlete's Foot Cream

The amount of powder, cream or lotion will depend on how bad the situation with your athlete’s foot condition. If the fungus infection is severe do not over apply it thinking it will be better. Follow the prescribed dosage. The result will be the appearance of side effect and your fungus won’t get better.

Always apply enough of the fungal cream from Lotrimin to cover the whole area and the surrounding skin, since fungus can spread. Once applied, wash your hands to remove possible fungus cells on your fingers and hands. Avoid covering or wrapping the affected area after the cream is applied your doctor has advised you otherwise. Try to apply the Lotrimin Anti Fungal Cream for Athlete’s Foot regularly and follow your routine religiously.

The amount may be prescribed by your doctor, so do not cut it short when the fungus has disappeared, Cells may be present and restart the irritation resulting in a relapse of the infection. And if the infection persists, see a doctor, who will prescribed a stronger topical cream.

Lotrimin Antifungal Cream Ingredients

The main ingredients to kill the fungus in the Lotrimin Antifungal Cream for the feet is mainly the Butenafine Hydrochloride. other inactive ingredients are:

  • benzyl alcohol;
  • centyl alcohol;
  • glycerin;
  • glyceryl monostearate SE;
  • polyoxymethylene (23);
  • cetyl ether;
  • propylene glycol dicaprylate;
  • purified water;
  • sodium benzoate;
  • stearic acid;
  • trolamine; and
  • white petrolatum.

What people are thinking of the Lotrimin Antibacterial Cream for Athlete’s Foot

In general, people who have used the Lotrimin Antibacterial Cream for Athlete’s  Foot truly appreciated its effect it had on their feet. It is non-greasy and they enjoyed the absorption into the skin which didn’t leave any residues. The cream works more on moisturizing and rehydrating and less on fragrance. The feedback on this cream is overwhelming and was very positive. Everybody loves it and the cream works as long you follow the dosage and the prescription.

As for myself, I used pretty much anywhere whether it hands, arms and legs. After a shower, my skin becomes very dry and flakes. I don’t hesitate to apply the Lotrimin Antibacterial Cream for Athlete’s Foot and it works. My skin does stay moist doesn’t flake and become itchy. In addition, I don’t need to always revert back to it, so it works for a continued period. If you feel like you need to moisturize the skin and get rid of the flaky and itch dry skin, consider having a small bottle in your purse or at the office where it is perfect and handy.

3 – O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream

The O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream is another great quality athlete’s foot cream for your athlete’s foot problem. The O’Keeffe company has been around for decades and is synonym of healthy hands and feet. In this product, O’Keeffe has made sure this foot cream answers the call for people with dry skin and itchy feet.

The company originates from California near the Oregon border. Bill O’Keeffe, a rancher and also the founder of the company was diabetic and suffered greatly from dry skin on his hands and feet following the rigor of his daily hard work as a rancher. Seeing this as problematic, his daughter Tara was driven in finding relief for her dad who had chronic dry cracked skin.

Best Athlete's Foot Cream
Best Athlete's Foot Cream

O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream


In the case of athlete’s foot, the O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream is one of the best cream on the market. It is a foot cream that is really concentrated. which will help tons of people with dry skin, cracked skin, and itchiness. It repairs the skin quickly if applied on a daily basis. In addition people suffering with diabetes can also use the O’Keeffe Healthy Feet Foot Cream.

The cream comes in a 3.2oz. jar or in a tube. It is important to state that this cream is also hypoallergenic, is non-greasy and odorless. The cream creates a barrier on the skin, which allows the skin to regenerate itself and heal the existing cracks. In addition, the cream makes your feet much better.

The recommended application is preferably twice daily (morning / night) after a shower or bath. If you care about the ingredients in this cream, I have listed them below:

  • Water;
  • Glycerin;
  • Stearic Acid;
  • Ammonium Stearate;
  • Ammonium Borate;
  • Dimethicone;
  • Ceteth-10;
  • Laureth-4;
  • Paraffin;
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose;
  • Allantoin;
  • Octyldodecyl Stearate;
  • Diazolidinyl Urea; and
  • Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

What people think of this O’Keeffe Athlete’s Foot Cream?

In general, people who suffered from dry and cracked skin, itchiness and unwanted odor really appreciated the effect the O’Keeffe Healthy Feet Cream provided. Many people who suffered from diabetes really enjoyed the long lasting effect of this cream. People started to see results after four to 5 days of daily use at twice a day application. If your feet are not too cracked or flaky, a nice pumice rub prior will help get rid of rough edges followed by the application of this O’Keeffe Healthy Athlete’s Foot cream. It is important to emphasize that it is not strictly for athlete’s foot. The cream can be used also for simple dry and cracked skin.

As for myself, I have used it in the past since I have a dry skin problem in general and I stand on my feet quite a bit on a daily basis because of my work. For me, it worked after a week and the cracks were disappearing slowly. The barrier it created allowed the skin to regenerate and close it self. I would definitely recommend it. It is not very expensive and it is well worth it.

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4 – Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil

We will also look at some of the soap available to cure your athlete’s foot. One great anti-fungal soap to cure athlete’s foot that can be combined after with a athlete’s foot cream is the Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil.

The Anti-Fungal Body Wash for the active individual is a creation of the company Purely Northwest. Purely Northwest as you may see is from Sedro Woolley in Washington State. Although a small company, they thrive on treating their customers like family. Furthermore, Purely Northwest created the Anti-Fungal Soap with natural products in order to promote healthy skin and healthy nails. They have a philosophy that states this:

“Create high quality products that deliver exceptional results and treat every customer the way we would want to be treated “

With the Anti-Fungal Body Wash, its extra strength formula of therapeutic grade essential oils and skin healing botanicals are incorporated with tea tree oil. They also added essential oils that are instrumental in killing any bacteria’s and sources of fungus.  Because of its natural content, the Anti-Fungal body wash soap has no artificial content such as parabens, petroleum, silicone, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

How the Anti-Fungal Body Wash Works

The body wash provides a strong defense for your feet against any bacteria or fungi on the skin surface. It is a strong protector against athlete’s foot. This anti fungal product can also be used for other body parts and prevent the following: jock itch, nail fungus, tinea versicolor, ringworm, body and armpit odor. It contains a skin conditioner with Aloe Vera, Atlantic Sea Kelp and Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E. This recipe is the perfect blend to help sooth any unwanted itches and odor caused by bacteria’s and fungi. If you suffer from athlete’s foot, your an active sports individual, this body wash will do the trick.

What people are saying about it…

Personally, I have never tried it. I haven’t been faced with any athlete’s foot recently so the use of a body wash hasn’t come to mind. I concentrated on using the cream and keep my feet free of being enclosed too long in boots or shoes. By keeping them clean and airing them out coupled with the cream referred above, it did the trick.

But for others who did use the Anti-Fungal Body Wash by Purely Northwest, they were extremely satisfied. My researches are compiled from various feedback and testimonials of people who swear by it.

The general consensus is that people who struggled with tow nail fungus were very happy with this body wash. Its soothing effect on the skin was observed within a week. The dead skin was gone and their feet felt much smoother. It stopped all the cracking that was taking place and brought health to their feet. For healthy nails, same thing occur. It took longer to come back to a healthy appearance but it did, where many using all kind of medications failed miserably.

One other positive feedback was that it made people feel much more clean than a off-the-shelf soap. It made them feel fresh and its fragrance was appealing.

So if you have toe nail fungus or athlete’s foot, you will want to check this Anti-Fungal Body Wash and maybe combine with an athlete’s foot cream that will give you positive results.

5 – Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

The next best treatment for athlete’s foot is the Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak from the Foot Cure store. Ideal for athlete’s foot, it is also an excellent remedy for toenail fungus, foot odor, hard to remove calluses. The product contains Epsom salt and essential oils, which adds to the inactive ingredients.

Best Athlete's Foot Cream - Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Soak
Best Athlete's Foot Cream - Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Soak

Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

The Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak as also useful if ou wish to treat your feet to a home spa evening. You’d want to think it is only for calluses or bad odors but this Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil can also treat your feet to a smooth skin after a good soak. The skin will get softer as well and your toenails will look healthy again.

The Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil is made so the ingredients do not irritate your feet with abrasive chemicals. It is skin friendly and recommended by many health officials. It works for both men and women, with sensitive skin. Good for all ages, the Tea Tree Oil by Foot Cure will make your feet feel good again.

Beauty of Tea Tree Oil for Athlete’s Foot

Tea tree oil comes the leaves of an Australian tree. It has the properties to neutralize certain bacteria and types of fungus. Since those tea tree leaves can eradicate them, many have used it for years as a medication against rashes.

Best Athlete's Foot Cream - Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Soak Ingredients
Best Athlete's Foot Cream - Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Soak Ingredients

Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak – Ingredients

If you apply the tea tree oil by rubbing your skin twice a day, it will reduce the itchiness, the burning, the scaling and swelling of the epidermis – all symptoms of athlete’s foot. Results may not come right away and it can take even weeks to see any kind of positive results. One other thing, it is also not for everyone.

Keep in mind, tea tree oil may cause skin rashes and even cause allergies. Make it a routine to always talk to your doctor prior to use it. A doctor will be able to recommend a a similar product to try out or to dilute the oil in order to reduce side effects. Finally, never ingest tea tree oils because it is toxic.

Ingredients of the Foot Cure Tea Tree Oil

Their tea tree oil foot soak is a powerful blend of Epsom salt, dead sea salt, msm-see below, tea tree oil and 6 additional essential oils, which are widely renowned. They are:

  • Coconut;
  • Lavender;
  • Chamomile Essential Oil;
  • Rosemary Essential Oil;
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil;
  • Spearmint Essential Oil;
  • Peppermint Essential Oil; and
  • Methylsufonylmethan (MSM)




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