Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2020

A Buyer’s Guide to Detox Ionic Foot Baths and Spas



Rejuvenating the whole body through a full detoxification is now a common well-being way to stay healthy and feel younger. On the market or in spas, you will find various ways to carry some form of detox such as the detox foot bath through the ionizing process. A detox foot bath can be carried out naturally or through ionizing. If the ionizing method is your choice, you will find below a detailed buyer’s guide to the best detox ionic foot baths.

There are many articles, reviews and buyer’s guide out there either listing, comparing, reviewing or explaining what are the best detox ionic foot baths in 2020. Many are indeed available and through this buyer’s guide, we hope to clarify many points left ambiguous by many of these so-called reviews online. In buying the best ionic foot bath, you must clearly understand how it works, its principles, the cost of those units and its associated equipment, the terms used with these types of the foot bath and finally the benefits they can bring to your body.

“An estimated 12.6 million people died as a result of living or working in an unhealthy environment in 2012 – nearly 1 in 4 of total global deaths, according to new estimates from WHO. Environmental risk factors, such as air, water and soil pollution, chemical exposures, climate change, and ultraviolet radiation, contribute to more than 100 diseases and injuries.”

– World Health Organization

What is an Ionic Foot Detox?

The principle is fairly simple. An ionizing foot detox is where someone soaks their feet in an ionic foot bath for a session of 30 minutes on average. As mentioned above, it can be done naturally or through the ionizing process. With the ionizing process, the foot bath produces ionization that is called electrolysis.  Electrolysis is a defined electrochemical reaction.

An ionic foot bath works on removing toxins from the body through your feet by increasing the negative ions.  Many studies throughout the years have shown that increased negative ions can result in reduced symptoms in ailing humans while producing a stronger sense of well-being.

In the increasing toxic environment we live today, it has become more and more apparent that we are in need of negative ions. An ion is an atom, or a molecule, in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge.

The reigning chemical pollution and the electro-magnetic frequency emanating from smartphones are all examples of what is stripping the human body of its positive energy. This loss further creates an imbalance in our bodies. An ionic foot bath will contribute to restoring some of that balance through the increase of those negative ions.

There are many skeptics out there doubting the efficiency of an ionic foot bath. certain studies have been done trying to confirm if it does remove toxins from the body or not. One great read on one of those studies can be found here. We strongly encourage you to take a look and see for yourself.

How Does an Ionic Detox Foot Bath Work?

The health benefits of negative ions are well known. When the negative hydrogen ions enter the body, their function turns into an antioxidant role. Its unique properties are what makes a detox ionic foot bath very effective. When ionized, the water is split into H+ and OH- ions. These same ions enter the body through the 4,000 large pores of the feet. It should be noted that your feet are an excellent conduit for the whole body. A detox foot spa offers a way to utilize this opportunity to revitalize and cleanse yourself with all-natural mechanisms.

At this stage, the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions throughout the body. The ions from the foot bath detox neutralize oppositely charged toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body. In this way, all the body’s organs can become energized and stimulated to function optimally. The body then rids itself of these toxins through its normal processes of urination, defecation and sweating.

When you do a detox foot bath, there are no specific differences in age, gender or body shape. Anybody can benefit from an ionic foot bath. It gives this sense of revitalization and energy. A detoxifying foot spa can be your key to a reinvigorated, healthy lifestyle. We invite you to take a look around at all of our ionic foot bath detoxification list below. You will likely find something to suits your needs.

Keep in mind they can vary in price and with this buyer’s guide, you should be able to make the right budget decision when getting a detox cleansing ionic foot bath.

Understanding the Array’s Purpose

Every ionic detox foot baths come with a piece called the array. The array is one of the main parts that produce the electrolysis. They are a series of metal alloy plates. Connected to the device, the plates contribute to spreading the electrical current into the water resulting in ionization.  The arrays don’t last forever so it is important to clean them after each session. Normally the array will last anywhere between 30 to 50 sessions.

Cleaning the array is very important. Usually, the companies will recommend cleaning them after each session in order to ensure the proper functioning of the ionic foot spa. The recommended solution is to use a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. other cleaning solutions such as the CLR de-scaling agent can be used. Always read the operator’s manual and follow their instructions to clean the array, so you don’t void your warranty.

When using a cleaning agent, always make sure you have thoroughly rinsed the array with hot water. if more than one user is using the machine, you will need to disinfect it after cleaning it too.

Choosing the Right Ionic Foot Bath

As you browse through all the best ionic detox foot baths, you will notice some have different features. Some of those features can range from being the polarity to the type of tubs your feet will rest in. Other features will have heat and massage while electricity travels through. Others will have a wrist strap, like those in salons and spas.

Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine

One of the first considerations, you should be thinking about is whether you will be the only user or if someone else in your household will use it. Some machine can accommodate a second user at the same time you are using it. Those machines are slightly bigger and more costly.

Single Polarity or Dual Polarity

Many detox ionic foot bath will describe themselves as having a single polarity or a dual polarity. You may ask yourself, what it means to you? Not whole lot, frankly. Dual polarity is defined as foot bath having the capacity to reverse its polarity, that it. The reality being that it won’t make any differences to you and the results you expect.

We don’t recommend you paying extra dollars for a dual polarity, unless you absolutely want to. Keep in mind, some of the units listed below may have that capacity but it is not a criteria we used in the compilation of our Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2020.

Copper Tub or Plastic Tub

The reason some of the detox foot bath have a copper tub is simple. It acts as an additional conductor than its plastic counterpart. Furthermore, it will enhance the treatment since more current is sent. As we all know, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, therefore it makes sense for some units to have that specific feature.  In addition, copper can provide certain healing frequencies. We’ve all seen copper wristband being worn by some people suffering from arthritis.

What makes the copper tub a healthy choice is that it doesn’t contain any beryllium. The beryllium is carcinogen and when tarnishing it is makes copper turn green. The tub is handmade.

As for the plastic tubs, they are not conducive like copper is. When the current is sent into the water the energy has a tendency to dissipate faster.

Use of a Wrist Strap

You will find wrist straps for detox ionic foot baths in public places such as in salons and spas. The wrist strap acts as a ground. The strap has nothing to do with the ionization process and the detoxification.  It is more related to the functioning of the foot bath.

A detox foot bath will not ionize until the wrist strap is fully in place and both feet are in the tub. Pulling your feet out would stop the foot bath from ionizing.  Removing the wrist strap while your feet are in the basin will create the same result.

For commercial use, it is logical in order to avoind any electrical incident but for the home, buying a detox ionic foot bath and spa without the strap will be just as good, and safe, not to mention cheaper.

Heating Functions

As you look through the detox ionic foot bath, you will see some have the heating functions. The heating functions can be displayed various settings and this is simply to keep the water warm during your session. It will allow the people to use them for a longer period and take full advantage of the ionizing process.

Normally, the water shouldn’t get cold if you follow the instructions in the manual. The heating function is a nice add-on. The heat feeling provides more comfort and will also soothe you while having your detox session.

Vibration and Massage Functions

The models coming with a vibration and massage functions have nothing to do with the detoxification process. Again, like the heat functions, it is a nice add-on but not a game breaker. It all comes down to what you want and what you need.

Amperage Control Settings

Many ionic foot bath will have their own setting for the electrolysis  to be transmitted in the water. That’s fine but you should always make sure you follow the instruction manuals and observe all the safety precautions.

Most ionic foot bath will run on a 24 volt current thru and from 1.4A to 2.5A. Some will go as far as 5.5A. If you wish to increase the amperage you can always add salt to your water. Keep in mind, once you added the salt, you can only decrease it by adding more water or restarting from scratch. having the control of the amperage is a nice feature to have on a  detox ionic foot bath.

Using the Proper Salt

Many manufacturers recommend the use of Himalayan salt versus any other common salt such as table salt. The reason for using Himalayan salt is that this type of salt will have a balanced crystalline structure. This structure will reveal a finer branching. In the Himalayain, you will also find 84 inherent mineral elements set into a harmonious state.

By contrast common table salt has unnatural crystals and are totally isolated from each other and dead. As for sea salt it has an irregular & isolated crystalline structures disconnected from the natural elements surrounding them. using sea salt makes it more difficult to use than Himalayan.

Other Considerations…

There are other considerations that should be applied when acquiring a detox ionic foot baths. They are:

  • Product Material (Array and Tub);
  • Warranty;
  • Return Policy;
  • Customer Service / Support;
  • Manufacturer’s Geographical Location;
  • Manufacturer’s Reputation;
  • Safety Concerns Known; and
  • After Care & Maintenance.

There are obviously other factors you should consider such as the frequencies of you sessions. Will it be weekly, monthly? How does it weigh compared to going to a spa or salon? Will you save money by doing so?

Expected Detox Foot Baths Results 

Results While Detoxing with a Detox Foot Bath

Like any devices, different results will be achieved for different people. After all, we are all different and different lifestyles. One obvious parameter is we all ingest toxins but some do at a different rate than others.  So results for one person may totally be different to another.

The aim of the ionic detox foot bath is to remove the toxins from your body. We have described above the process on how this is achieved. Now you need to know what should you expect.

Water Color Change

The first observation you will notice is the water color in the basin. As the ionization takes place during your 30-minute session, you will see the water color changing. If you are not sure what it means, we found an excellent article on the Health and Med web site in their blogs.

The article can be found here.

First thing first, you shouldn’t be worry. The color change is normal. It all has to do with the types of toxins, where they come from and the volume of it. When you put tap water  in your basin there already toxins in the water. So it all starts there but it also comes from you too. As mentioned in the blog, it exists a substantial difference between the foot bath water post-session compared to running an array in water alone. That difference being the enormous amount of particles and fatty-type deposits.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Water Color Change

Water Changing Color

The water alone with the array in it will also change the color of water. But a comparison of the color with your feet in for a session to water by itself running an array will be different.

After a 30-minute session, the color  of the water observed will indicate which toxins are being taken out and how much. getting to know your colors and what it means may take some time to get used to.  Colors will vary from time to time and referring to the chart included with a detox foot spa kit will make it much easier to decrypt. You can see a sample below.

Detox Foot Bath - water Color Chart


Keep in mind the colors will not be as shown on the chart exactly, but they will steer you in the right direction. It could be just a tint or hue. seeing a green tint the water should point you the green marker on the chart.

The colors in the water that result after each session reflect how the different kinds of toxins and their levels can vary from one person to the next.

The amount of each toxin that is released during the session, stress levels and the body’s overall health are also important factors in determining the final color, which can vary as the detoxification program continues

Long Term Results Expected

The long term results are also different for anyone doing a detox. Some may feel more rejuvenated, some will sleep better, some will get rid of some wrinkles and some will stay away from any nagging illnesses.

Below you will find our list of the Best Detox Ionic Foot Bath in 2020. This list is compiled with the trial of the machines, consumer reports compilation and the consolidation of user reviews. it is not biased towards a specific product in any way. Our own individual reviews determine what is our best recommendation.

Some of the features we looked at for our list were the built, the brand, the brand’s reputation, the cost return on investment), amperage output, warranty and customer support.


Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2020

Ionic Detox Foot Baths
Detox Foot Bath Name
Power Output
Accories Included
IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Machine
Health Med & Company
Yes with Arrays
5 Years
BHC Foot Detox Machine
Better Health Company
Yes with Arrays
1 Year
EHM Ionic Foot Detox Machine
EHM Store
Yes with Arrays
1 Year
Comfort Paws Foot Detox Spa
Comfort Paws
approx. 2A
Yes with Arrays
1 Year
Optimum Focus Es1500i
Yes with Arrays
3 Year
BHC Home Use Ionic Cleanse
Better Health Company
Yes with Arrays
1 Year
Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse
Yes with Arrays
1 Year
NewCell Professional Ion Foot Detox Machine
NewCell Detox
Yes with Arrays
2 Year
iMeshbean Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath
Yes with Arrays
1 Year

1- IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine 

The IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath is an excellent ionic foot bath for the person at home who wants some quality and ionizing power. Built solidly, the detox foot bath from Health and Med is a powerful device that is enclosed in a sturdy all metal housing.

About the Company

Brought to you by the Health & Med Company from Illinois in the past and now Utah, U.S.A., since 2009. They specialize in the manufacturing of products aimed at helping people live healthier, happier, and longer lives. Finally, they provide products of superior quality in general at an affordable price.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - IonizeMe Elite by Health and Med

IonizeMe Elite Detox Foot Bath

A Quality Detox Foot Bath

As for the IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath, it is their most powerful direct current (DC) power supply foot bath. It runs through a voltage of 17.0 Volts coupled with an amperage of 2.2A. It clearly redefines the power of ionization and electrolysis.

A silent foot bath, the IonizeMe Elite Detox Foot Bath has many accessories coming with the detox foot bath. It has no wrist strap but its two Ionic Foot Detox Arrays can last  for a long time. Health and Med states each array can provide you from 30 to 50 sessions.

The two arrays also comes with 10 array brushes. Additionally, you will also find in this package, a 70 gram Array Cleaning Solution and scoop, to get you started. The foot tub basin is generous containing 3.2 gallons of water.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - IonizeMe Elite Foot Bath

Solid Warranty

Health and Med is proud to back their product with a solid 5-year warranty. This is one aspect of this machine, that should not be ignored.

Internal Monitoring

One other great feature we truly appreciated was the safety consideration of the company towards their product by designing a safety internal circuitry, which continuously monitors your detox session. It automatically monitors your detox session, keeping a close eye on issues like short circuits, fuse problems and thermal conditions.

IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath Features

Below is a feature’s list encompassing all the accessories, you will find when purchasing the Ionize me Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

  • 17.0 Volts and 2.2A DC output;
  • 2 Ionic Foot Detox Arrays;
  • 3.2 gallon Foot Water Basin;
  • Array Cleaning Jar;
  • 10 Array Cleaning Brushes;
  • 70 gram Array Cleaning Solution and scoop;
  • 1/3 Pound Himalayan Fine Grain Salt and 1/8 teaspoon scoop;
  • Step by step instructional DVD;
  • Bonus Countdown Timer; and
  • personal Consultation from their Staff (FREE).
Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - IonizeMe Controlling Unit

IonizeMe Elite – Controlling Unit

Our take on the IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Although the price may be steep for some, the IonizeMe Elite Ionic detox Foot Bath is a quality product that is well worth the investment. You also get tons of accessories for the arrays. The fact, it comes with TWO arrays of high-quality also makes it worth.

We really liked the 5-year warranty. Many ionic detox foot bath will have only a one-year warranty. In addition, the IonizeMe has a very explicit video on how to use the item, if you are new to ionizing detox. We didn’t try the one-hour consultation, but I am sure it can beneficial to any one starting out.

The IonizeMe Elite  is a quality built item in metal and the safety engineered monitoring system is a very welcomed safety feature. We tested for a short circuit and it worked flawlessly. It is not a bulky machine so storing it is not an issue, even if you live in a condo or an apartment.

It comes and uses Himalayan Fine Grain Salt. You can also use the normal salt, which will work fine too.

The array was very easy to clean and the cleaning solution they provided an excellent opportunity for them to offer other products to sell.

We definitely recommend this product. It can be used commercially or at home.

See the IonizeMe Elite on Amazon


2- Better  Health Company FOOT DETOX MACHINE

The Better Health Company has been in the business of living healthy and feeling better for a long time. Actually the company has been around for ten years. Originating from Florida, they are a division of Quality Products Inc. They specialize in various products related to the natural Health Field. Of those products, Better Health Company has taken great pride in becoming one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of ionic detox foot bath machines, whether commercially or for your home.

BHC Ionic Foot Spa Detox Bath for Home

BHC Ionic Foot Spa Detox Machine

A Simple and Easy to use Ionic Detox Foot Bath

In the FOOT SPA DETOX MACHINE, you will find one of the best ionic detox foot bath on the market. Not as costly compared to their competitor, the FOOT SPA DETOX MACHINE package is detailed. In addition, this year they have improved the quality of their arrays which will last you longer. They are still including 2 arrays in the package which they claim represent a value of $60.00 in itself.

When you get the BHC FOOT SPA DETOX MACHINE, you can set yourself up immediately for your first session. It comes out of the box already pre-programmed, which will save you the hassle of going through all the settings. Everything is pre-programmed for your 30-minute session, all you need is push the button.

It has a one-year warranty, but the their technical support via phone or emails are superior to many other brands. As mentioned earlier, their package is very detailed. You get a Controller Unit, their 2 newly improved arrays, 25 Liners, a set of laminated instructions, sea salt comprising 50 Trace Minerals for a better detox, a Foot Spa Detox Brochure, 16 page Informational Booklet,  and a Power Supply cord.

Arrays for the BHC Foot Spa Detox Machine


Keeping things simple, Better Health Company created the FOOT SPA DETOX MACHINE so it is easy to set it up but also easy to care for after each session. The controller unit will fit right on top of the basin and can be taken off easily for clean up. Furthermore, the basin is lightweight and is equipped with nodules at the bottom so more water can flow freely under your feet.

Finally the Informational Foot Detox Brochure and the 16-page booklet is very educational for first timers. It explains in great details all you need to know about detox foot baths.


Below is a list of the main features of the FOOT SPA DETOX MACHINE by the Better Health Company.

  • Pre-programmed detox foot bath;
  • 30-minute sessions integrated;
  • 2 improved heavy-duty arrays;
  • Easy installation and removal of the control unit;
  • 25 liners;
  • Sea salt comprising 50 Trace Minerals;
  • Foot Spa Detox brochure;
  • 1-Year Warranty;
  • Informational Booklet (16 pages); and
  • Power Supply Cord.


We thought the machine was reliable and very cost saving. The return on the investment is well worth it. The price of the two improved arrays are valued at near $60.00 and they will last longer. We didn’t particularly tried this machine, so our information is limited  and to be honest it was consolidated from our research.

One issue we had a bit of a problem with was the one-year warranty. It is not the most generous warranty, but in exchange they provide superior technical support.

We liked the simplicity of the unit and how you can easily install and remove the controller unit on the basin. The normal add-ons such as the salt and the brochures are as expected for these types of foot baths. With its pre-programmed setting for your 30-minute sessions coupled with the push-of-a-button activation, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, we wouldn’t classify this x foot bath as the top of the line for your home but it is a solid starter machine, if you are to detoxify using the ionizing process.

If you do purchase the BHC FOOT SPA MACHINE and want to share your comments and reviews, send us your feedback via the comments field below or you can always email to us.

See the BHC FOOT SPA Machine on Amazon


3 – EHM Ionic Foot Detox Machine

The EHM Ionic Foot Detox Machine is a detox foot bath which is built for one user. Like all the detox foot bath, it removes the toxins, free radicals and other significant waste from your body. As we mentioned above, for certain ionic detox foot bath, you have to wear a wristband. This machine is one of those. Again, the wristband is used as a ground (electricity ground). A CE product certified, it will operate at 100 Watts, and run on 15 Volts and 0.0 – 3.0 Amps. The amperage varies based on your settings.

EHM Single User Foot Detox machine

EHM Ionic Detox Foot Spa Machine

The EHM Ionic Foot detox has a LCD display providing all the information required of your settings. Its 5 modes of treatment enables you to focus on a particular process. As an example you can set it up to have more positive ions causing a positive polarity. The positive polarity generates a negative ion flow, which will raise your blood pH level from acidic  to more alkaline. In addition, it is also equipped with a massage and infrared ray belts, So while you enjoy the full detoxifying effect of the ionic foot bath, you will also get a full infrared massage.

This is a ionic detox foot bath originating from China, so I would recommend some caution if it is your intent to purchase this one. It is easily noticeable as you soon as you read the instructions. They are very clear but can be understood. The unit doesn’t come with an address to order the parts. This is important when you need to replace the arrays. This ionic foot bath does come with two arrays but eventually they will need to be replaced.

EHM Ionic Foot Detox Machine Features

Below you will find a list of some of the features associated with the the EHM Ionic Foot Detox Machine.

  • Power output of 15 Volts and 0.0 – 3.0 Amps;
  • 5 Modes of Treatment;
  • Infra-Red Massage Belt;
  • LCD Display;
  • Instruction Booklet on Detoxification;
  • 2 Arrays; and
  • Power Cord Attachment.

Our Two Sense on the EHM Ionic Detox Foot Spa…

This EHM Ionic Detox Foot Spa Machine made our list simply because it has been a reliable machine. There has never been any issues with the proper functioning of the controlling unit. So for reliability and built, we were quite satisfied.

One other add-on we liked was the infra-red massage belts. It adds to the full detox session by relaxing your muscles and nerves while your cleansing takes place.

EHM Dual Foot Ionic Foot Detox Bath

We must also mention the lack of clarity with regards to the instructions was an issue. For the first timers, this could present a problem. In addition, the lack of an address to return or order replacement parts was a problem. As you know arrays last only for so long, so when the arrays for this machine are done, you would hope to order new arrays compatible with this ionic foot bath.

At the price, this ionic foot spa comes at, they could have included a tub to complete the full package. Overall, we recommend this product but with a lot of caution. Conduct your due diligence prior to buy this machine.

See the EHM Ionic Detox FOOT SPA on Amazon


4 – Comfort Paws Dual User Professional Pedicure and Foot Detox Spa Machine

In this Foot Detox Spa, Comfort Paws is reuniting two essential benefits for a healthy body and healthy feet. They have combined the detox and the pedicure for a complete session of wellness. With ionic foot bath, Comfort Paws takes health to a whole new different level.

The Comfort Paws Professional Pedicure and Foot Detox Spa is a solidly build unit with its own carrying plastic case. It runs on 110V, while providing an amperage anywhere in from 1.0 to 3.0A. Like most of the competitors in the ionic detox foot bath business, it comes with two arrays that will last approximately 30 sessions, depending on how much use you make of your foot bath.

Comfort Paws Ionic Foot Spa Detox Machine

Comfort Paws Ionic Foot Bath Kit

The Comfort Paws Ionic Detox Foot Spa also comes as a single user unit meaning only one person can use the ionic detox foot bath at a time. It also has a wrist strap used as a  ground. The clearly laid out instructions for the user manual makes it very easy to set up.

The main console has a dual screen to accommodate a second user while the two Velcro infrared belts also enhance the removal of toxins for your well-being.

Precautionary Measures sing the Comfort Paws Ionic Foot Spa

Comfort Paws provide their warnings on whom should not use the ionic detox foot spa machine. The list below details more those who should not abstain from using it.

  • Do not use on people with battery operated implants (eg: pace makers) etc.;
  • Do not use on anyone who has received an organ transplant;
  • Pregnant women or nursing women should never use;
  • Children under the age of 8 years old should never use;
  • People who have low blood sugar should eat before use;
  • People on a lot of medications should check with their doctor before using;
  • People who suffer from heart disease & are on medication all the time should not use without consulting with their doctor;
  • People with high blood pressure & are on medication all the time should not use without consulting with their doctor.
  • People who are epileptic should not use;
  • Hemophiliac’s should not use; and
  • People on blood thinners should not use. This product is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, any statements contained herein are for informational purposes only.

Comfort Paws Professional Pedicure and Foot Detox Spa Features

Below, you will find a list of the features found on the Comfort Paws Professional Pedicure and Foot Detox Spa.

  • Main Console with Dual Screen;
  • 2 Arrays (Probes);
  • Plastic Carrying Case;
  • Dual User System;
  • 2 Infrared Belts;
  • 2 Wrist Straps;
  • 1 Power Cord / 2 extra fuses;
  • Instruction / Operator Manual.

Our Thoughts on the Comfort Paws Detox Ionic Foot Spa…

We were quite impressed with this product. This is one ionic detox foot bath, we actually tried out for a 30-day period. We very satisfied when looking at the product when it arrives. It was well packaged, no breaks and everything was there. The setup was easy and the instruction manual made it very clear on hot to set it up properly.

Dual User Comfort Paws Home Foot Ionic Bath

Comfort Paws Controller Unit


The foot bath made some noise at the beginning which eventually disappear. During this trial, we used only tap water, which has its own minerals. So when the ions kicked in, it changed color soon after. We were disappointed the package didn’t have its own tub. So we went with a large size plastic. We did ponder the idea to use a copper tub but reverted to the plastic handy one. Also, the salt is not included, so we used our own for that as well.

The product performed admirably well. Water changed color throughout accompanied by residues in the water. Our array was near the end of its life after the 30-day trial. So we believe the arrays will last about 30 sessions – give or take. The price was in the normal range for the best detox ionic foot baths in 2020.

We would definitely recommend this ionic foot bath, as one of the best detox ionic foot baths in 2020.

See the Comfort Paws Ionic Foot Bath on Amazon


5 – Cell Spa, Chi Ionic Detox Single User Foot Bath 

Continuing with our compilation of the best detox ionic foot baths in 2020, we listed the Cell Spa, Chi Ionic Detox Foot Bath at no.5. Cell Spa is one of the main company when it comes to ionic foot spas. based in the United States, their machines have been known t6o be reliable and efficient. The Cell Spa, Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath is an ionic detox foot bath armed with multi-functions for complete detoxification.

Best Detox ionic Foot Batrhs in 2017 - Cell Spa Chi Ionic Foot Bath

Cell Spa Ionic Foot Bath

The Cell Spa Chi Ionic Foot Spa for detoxification comes with two arrays that are easy to replace. Each one depending, of course on the use of the foot bath will last you about 30 sessions. It comes with a carrying case and key to lock it up, which preserves the controlling unit and its accessories. This one is a single unit unlike some which are dual user friendly.

Other features included in the Although, it has been noted that when you get the Cell Spa, Chi Ionic Detox Foot Bath, the instructions can be unclear. Luckily, the digital foot detox controlling unit  is still quite easy to operate and the functions will adapt well to what kind of ionic foot bath sessions you’ll put it through.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - Cell Spa Advanced Series LED Display

Cell Spa Advanced Series LED Display

This ionic foot bath requires the wrist strap to be on and feet in to get the machine to run and to avoid any readout errors. In addition, the FIR Infrared Heat Waist Belt is a very nice complement to the package. It gives you the true ionizing detox effect while feeling great at the same time.

This ionic detox foot bath from cell Spa comes with a one-year warranty, which is the average length of warranties you will find for these types of device.

Their return policy is quite detailed but strict. When receiving it, make sure you have an ion detox foot bath device that is working well and with all its pieces.

Cell Spa Advanced Single User Ionic Detox Foot Bath Features 

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the Cell Spa Advanced Single User Ionic Detox Foot Bath features.

  • Advanced Series LED Display Single User Ionic Foot Bath Machine;
  • Two Advanced Series Black Arrays;
  • One Advanced Series Wrist Sensor Strap;
  • One FIR Infrared Heat Waist Belt;
  • One Instruction Manual Booklet;
  • One Briefcase Storage Case with Keys; and
  • 1 Year Warranty

Our Final Say on the Cell Spa Chi Ionic Detox Foot Baths

Needless to say, we determined the Cell Spa Single user Ionic Detox Footbath to be one of the best detox ionic foot bats in 2020 mainly for its efficiency and simplicity to use. Other than the unclear instructions provided, this ionic foot spa by Cell Spa is a sure bet as far as reliability.

We only tried the single user but we were told by customers who purchased the dual user device that the quality was just as good. In fact, if you are looking for a dual user instead, you can get it here on Amazon.

The two arrays included in the package were performing admirably but found the life span of fewer than 30 sessions was a bit short. On a 30-day trial, we found the array by the 30th day was barely responding. The carrying case is a nice feature and locking it adds to the security of the machine, especially with young ones at home.

The price is fair but as we mentioned with another foot bath, having a tub for that price would have been an excellent return on the investment. With this ionic foot bath from Cell Spa, you have to always make sure the right amount of salt is added. Otherwise, you risk the need to restart all over the session with the right amount of salt to your water. In addition to that, you will also get a readout error.

Overall, we feel the Cell Spa Ionic Aqua Foot Bath is reliable, efficient and priced fairly.

See the Cell Spa Ionic Foot Bath on Amazon


6 – Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath

When looking at the best detox ionic foot baths in 2020, we can’t discard the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Detox Foot Bath. The Optimum Series also features the Optimum Focus ES9800i Professional Detox Ionic Foot Bath as well as the Optimum Focus ES8000i professional Detox Foot Bath. Slight variations exist between the different models.

Best Detox Foot bats in 2017 - Optimum ES1500i Foot Bath

About the Company

Is Hymbas building the best detox ionic footbaths?The Optimum Focus line of detox foot bath are manufactured by a company called Hymbas. Their vision is focused on producing different forms of therapy while generating techniques and different tools in the healing and balancing process.  

Hymbas was founded by Mrs. Diann Keller.  It is an American company. Hymbas has been distributing detox foot bath and other healing products for years. They are one of the companies in the world who is providing high end ionic cleanse machine. Although their products are higher in price, they also have the most complete detox foot bath package. Hymbas assert their Optimum Focus line of detox bath is the most powerful you will find.

A Look at the Optimum ES1500i Standard Home Ionic Foot Bath

The Optimum ES1500i Standard Home Ionic Foot Bath has the power to back up their statement about being the most powerful unit on the market. Built under the “plug and play” concept, this detox foot bath will transmit all the negative ions needed for a complete detox.

A lightweight but solid machine the Optimum Es1500i  will give you an output at a frequency of 10,000Hz and an amperage from 3.0 to 5.5A. Its digital display is very easy to read based on the programming set by you. In addition, the current and the timing of the session can be manually set. A UL certified device, the unit is full power but is also very safe. All power out put is controlled with regulators.

Hymbas proclaim their unit can generate negative ions that is 35 times higher than any other machines. We couldn’t really confirm this piece.

What makes the Optimum ES1500i Detox Foot Bath is its ability to tell you and for you to control the current manually. other machines won’t tell you which forces you to add water or salt depending on the situation. One other great feature available with the Optimum is e manual adjustment based on the body type.

Three Levels of Protection

The Optimum ES1500i Detox Foot Bath Standard Home model comes with three levels of protection.

  • a fallback circuit that turns itself off if it detects too much current;
  • an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows; and
  • an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit.

Quality Replaceable Water Arrays

The water arrays are built with an aim to enhance the osmosis process once your feet are in the water and it is fully energized. Connections are attached and welded solidly to avoid any breakages and increase the conductivity. Made of 100% copper, these water arrays will assure a the “optimum” connectivity for an enhanced session.

The water arrays are not cheap to replace but will last well past the normal average of 30 sessions. If you require replacement arrays for your Optimum ES1500i, you will find some on Amazon here.

Optimum ES1500i Tub and Wrist Strap

Starting with the wrist strap, the Optimum ES1500i is a ionic foot bath for detox that is not using the wrist strap. As mentioned above, in buyer’s guide for ionic detox foot baths, the wrist strap’s purpose is to provide a ground. Wrist bands are used to stop any possible damage of CMOS units.

What Hymbas does is they provide a chassis ground for all their internal components. This way any over-voltage is quickly suppressed. It should also be noted the Optimum ES1500i has the right level of buffering. Therefore the stray voltages can’t reach the components prone to be affected by static.  Their devices are also electrically connected to earth ground.

As for the copper tub, Hymbas believe a 100%copper tub provides a improved conductivity when activating the detox foot bath. Sold separately, the copper tub is made large enough to easily fit both feet flat as well as the arrays. If you need the 100% copper tub for more conductivity, you can get it here on Amazon

Optimum ES1500i Features

Below is a list of the features offered with the Optimum ES1500 Single User detox foot bath.

  • most powerful output detox foot bath on the market;
  • very safe with three different safety options;
  • durable and light;
  • manual control of the current;
  • adapt to all types of bodies;
  • well-built dual arrays;
  • Himalayan Salt and copper tub sold separately; and
  • improved chassis for efficient ground to earth.

A Final Word on the Optimum ES1500i Detox Ionic Foot Bath

There is no doubt the Optimum ES1500i is a high-end detox ionic foot bath. It’s a foot bath that has been proven to very efficient in the detoxification because it is efficient and its accessories are there to prove it. The way this unit is built, you know you are getting top quality. With a digital controlling unit that can be easily adjusted manually for the right amperage to go through, you will not go wrong in getting the Optimum ES1500i.

The arrays are very well built and will last you a very long time. The conductivity provided by those arrays are the best you can get. It is a safe detox foot bath to operate. We certainly welcomed the no-wrist strap to wear during the detox session. As for the copper tub, it is an excellent addition to extract the most negative ions.

The warranty is lengthy at 3 years and their return policy is solid. Many of their accessories are sold separately like the copper tub and the Himalayan salt, which could prove to be more pricey in the end.

Overall, we certainly recommend the Optimum ES1500i Detox Foot Bath because of its pure quality and the effectiveness of the machine. We just think the price is not for everybody.

See the Optimum ES1500i Foot Bath on Amazon


7 – BHC Home Use Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

At no.7 of our best detox ionic foot baths in 2020, we bring back another product from Better Heath and Company with this BHC Home Use Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath. It has all the elements needed for an efficient detox session. Although it has a one-year warranty, free support is above average. U.S. based company for post-purchase support can’t be ignored.

Best Detox ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - BHC Ionic Cleanse Foot bath

BHC Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

This ionic detox foot bath comes with two rectangular quality arrays. They can be easily replaced through the manufacturer when needed to be replaced. They have also included 25 liners for the tub which can also be ordered from BHC. BHC states they have improved how their arrays were built. The claim to last longer which can only benefit the customer.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - BHC Ionic Cleanse Foot Baths Arrays

BHC Ionic Cleanse Detox Rectangular Arrays

The inclusion of a tub makes it easy to start as soon as you get the BHC Home Use Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath. BHC has also included a small starting sample of their sea salt, containing 50 Trace Minerals. The price is affordable compared to some of their competitors, which may prove to be a great starter kit for your detox sessions.

BHC Home Use Detox Foot Bath Features

  • Quality-built unit;
  • Rigid plastic tub;
  • 2 improved arrays;
  • Power cord;
  • sea salt containing 50 Trace Minerals;
  • Informational Foot Detox Brochure; and
  • 16 page booklet

A Quick Review of the BHC Home Use Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

We were able to trialed this ionic cleanse detox  foot bath, because we were able to buy  one for trial purposes.

The package came in with no broken parts and well packed. It is a unit, at first look that is easy to put together so you can get on with your detox sessions. The arrays looked very well-built and we understood this was an improved quality of the arrays BHC normally sold in the past. Our sessions were like the other brand and models we tried, which is 30 days. Each session lasted the recommended 30 minutes.

The package came out with a little amount of salt and if you stick with their salt, expect to replace it soon after buying the detox foot bath. The tub is large enough to accommodate feet and arrays without any issues.  We strongly recommend to read the safety issues and for whom it is not for.

We didn’t perform any analysis of the water to see if the toxins pulled out were in fact from the body or simply the sea salt mixed with the ions. As for feeling better, we were told our subject had more energy towards the second half of the 30-day trial.

Based on our trial, we recommend the BHC Home Use Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath. It is an excellent unit to start a detox ionic cleansing. It is very expensive and the support after is outstanding.

See the BHC Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath on Amazon


8 – Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse

At no.8 of our best detox ionic foot baths in 2020, we find another detox foot bath, which is more affordable to your wallet. This one is the Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse. It is offered by a private company named Eteyo. The manufacturing of these cleansing detox foot baths is located in China. Despite being from overseas, they have put together a quality product. Not as sophisticated and detailed as some of the detox ionic foot baths out there, the Eteyo Ionic Footbath brings all the needs for your detox sessions. Let’s have a look at what is in the package.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Baths Tub

Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The detox foot bath by Eteyo comes with a plastic tub. It is large enough to accommodate most feet size and based on where the array is placed it will not consume more space than it has to.  The array goes between your two feet in order to maximize tub space for your feet.

The control of the power ions is controlled via a small control display which can easily placed at the front of the tub. It is simple to control. Actually this unit gets top marks for its simplicity to set up and get your detox session going.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - Eteyo Ionic Foot Bath Features

Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Features


The unit also comes with two average size arrays, which can be placed between your feet. the arrays are the normal type plug’n play arrays. There has been no issues with the arrays but you should consider replacing them when you reached 30 to sessions. Small note, you can only put one array in the tub at a time.

The output voltage is approximately 12 to 15 volts. The amperage is window 1.1 to 2.5 at its maximum.

Other Inclusions

When buying the Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse, you will also acquire ten tub liners. They are easy to order when you are getting low. In addition, the foot bath from Eteyo provides a power cord, an adapter and instruction manual. The one-year warranty is standard.

Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Features

Below you will find a list of the Eteyo Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse features.

  • plastic tub;
  • controlling unit plug’n and play;
  • 2 round arrays;
  • 10 tub liners;
  • power cord;
  • adapter;
  • instruction manual; and
  • one year warranty.

Our Take on the Eteyo Ionic Foot Bath Cleanse

We felt this unit was a perfect example of quality and simplicity. Not as powerful as many ionic detox foot baths out there, the Eteyo Ionic Detox and Cleansing Foot Bath met the standard of detoxification. The tub meets the standard and makes it very easy to set the control unit and the array.

Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths in 2017 - Eteyo Ionic Cleansing Foot Bath Controlling Unit

Eteyo Ionic Detox and Cleaning Foot Bath – Controlling Unit

As for the array, we felt the array was average quality but it did the job. It comes with two arrays and replacing them online is easy to do. On Amazon, they sell them by packs of 4 arrays.

The plug and play set up is great for someone that wants to get a quick session of detox without fussing with power cords, straps and controlling your salt input.

Finally, we thought the price was well set and its free after care support was outstanding. If you are on a budget but want to absolutely start ionic detox with a foot bath, the Eteyo Ionic Detox and Cleansing Foot Bath is a very wise choice.

See the Eteyo Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath on Amazon


9 – NewCell Professional Ion Foot Detox Machine

At no.9 in our compilation of the best ionic detox foot baths in 2020, we find foot baths with advanced technologies. This ionic detox foot bath is the NewCell Professional Ion Foot Detox Machine by Cold laser Therapies.

About the Cold Laser Therapies Company

Located in Boulder, Colorado in the United States, the Cold Laser Therapies company prides itself on providing the finest and most cost-effective Ion Detox Foot Bath and cleansing products to its clients. Each product is thoroughly trialed and tested aimed again at delivering superior products. They cater to the business and the individual community. The warranty and return policy provided is above average with a 2-year warranty and a flexible return policy.

NewCell Professional Ion Foot Detox Machine Description

With the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine, you will own a foot bath equipped with advanced technologies in the field of detoxification. It is a powerful ion detox foot bath that is very efficient and simple to use. It is safe and its sessions are very easy to set up. Like the high-end units, it is built with the plug’n play concept. The microprocessors, built in the United States make the controlling unit of the NewCell ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath a reliable unit to transmit the required ions for your body.

Best Detox Ion Foot baths in 2017 - newcell professional Ion Detox Foot Bath

NewCell Professional Ion Detox Foot Bath

The NewCell Detox Foot Bath comes with two square arrays. The array is easy to set up in the tub between your two feet. They last for a considerable amount of time. On average arrays last about 30 sessions of 30 minutes. With the NewCell array, you can bet for a longer life span.

Each ions, whether positive or negative are timed with accuracy ensuring your body ionic flow is synchronized and balanced to a tee.  Having a proper detoxification balance results in a safe detox conducted at its own pace. This NewCell foot bath comes with a strap to add more safety as a ground.

Not recommended for pregnant women, the NewCell Ion Detox Foot Bath comes as a package containing the controlling unit, two arrays, the power cord and some liner bags. The tub is not included. We recommended using a toe bin in order to have sufficient space for the array and your feet.

NewCell Professional Ion Foot Detox Machine Features

Below you will find the main features of the NewCell Detox Foot Bath.

  • powerful and safe;
  • advanced technology;
  • microprocessor chips controls the ions transmitted;
  • electronic controlled unit;
  • 2 arrays;
  • grounding wrist strap;
  • replacement liner bags;
  • power cord; and
  • 2 year warranty.

Our Opinion on the NewCell Professional Ion Detox Foot Bath

For us at Foot Revitalize, the NewCell Professional Ion Detox Foot Bath had a few similarities with other ion detox foot bath in that price range. One difference that was noted is this one had the wrist strap as part of its accessories.

We were particular impressed with the microchip processor integrated in the controlling unit. The regulation of positive and negative ions are accurately calculated. The array is easy to install and the cabling is simple to connect. The manual control of how many ions are transmitted facilitate the detox sessions.

The 2-year warranty  is a lengthy one and their after care is very supportive. The price is a bit high but the rewards are well worth the price.

We recommend the NewCell Professional Ion Detox Foot bath for its accuracy in setting the unit, controlling it once set and the solid warranty backing up this product. The wrist strap and the price were our dislikes, but if you can get by with the strap and can afford it, you will be extremely happy with your purchase.

See the NewCell Ion Detox Cleanse Foot Bath on Amazon


10 – iMeshbean® Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath

In tenth place of our best detox ionic foot baths in 2020, we looked at a product brought to you by iMeshbean.

More on iMeshbean

The a iMeshbean company is a leading international trade company. iMeshbean® is a registered trademark in the USA, Europe, and China. They manufacture numerous products ranging from Home and Garden to Sports and Hobbies to Computer and Electronics and more. They claim they design and manufacture their own products while providing the best products at the best possible price.

iMeshbean® Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Description

The iMeshbean® Chi Ionic Detox Foot Bath is another foot bath, which comes at an affordable price on the market. Aimed at cleansing your body, the iMeshbean Detox foot bath has also the FIR waist belt for an enhanced detox session. The company claims it will cleanse livers and kidneys as well as getting rid of any possible toxins. It comes with its own locked carrying case, which can be useful when storing your controlling unit or when travelling.

Best Ionic Detox Foot Baths in 2017 - imeshbean Chi Ionic Detox Foot bath

iMeshbean Chi Ionic Detox Foot bath

The controlling unit is easy to control. All setting can be input manually and adjusted accordingly.

Equipped with 2 arrays, the iMeshbean Chi Ion Ionic Detox Foot Bath has no tub or salt. We recommend Himalayan salt as the first option or sea salt if you can’t find the Himalayan salt anywhere. The arrays will last just over 30 sessions, based on a 30 minute session and used regularly. The arrays are fairly easy to acquire and their price is reasonable. All the accessories are easy plug’n play for a quick and rapid setup.

The iMeshbean Ionic Detox Foot Bath has the wrist strap as part of its grounding mechanism.

iMeshbean also states by using their detox foot bath, it will increase your energy, improve sleep and memory. Those results are pretty standard across the whole gamut of foot detox ionic foot bath.

Best Ionic detox Foot Baths in 2017 - Wrist Straop for the iMeshbean Detox Foot Bath

Grounding Wrist Strap

In addition, as part of the package iMeshbean has included a power cord that goes with the controlling unit and an instruction manual. As mentioned above, to complement the detox foot bath, you will find 2 arrays and a FIR waist belt coupled with the grounding wrist strap.

iMeshbean Chi Ion Detox Foot Bath Features

Below you will find the main features associated with the iMeshbean Chi Ion Ionic Foot Bath.

  • manually controlled controlling unit;
  • A/C D/C power cord;
  • sturdy carrying case;
  • one grounding wrist strap;
  • two round black arrays;
  • one FIR Waist belt;
  • instruction manual; and
  • one-year warranty.

Final Thoughts on the iMeshbean Chi Ion Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The iMeshbean made our top ten of our Ionic Detox Foot bath purely based on the price, the controlling unit and the simplicity to use it and set it up. There was nothing extravagant about this unit except for the fact it is easy to use and affordable. The carrying case is a nice touch and the whole package is well presented.

Best Ionic Detox Foot baths in 2017 - iMeshbean Detox Foot Bath

iMeshbean Foot detox Kit

The power distributed by the arrays is average and meets the standard. The instructions laid out in the manual are limited but then again it is a simple unit to use.

Normally the iMeshbean line of health products are usually built with quality but it has been known they may have their issues especially being an oversea manufactured product.

See the iMeshbean Ion Detox Bath on Amazon


Conclusion on our Best Detox Ionic Foot Baths

In summary, after trialing a few detox ionic foot baths, it is clear there is a wide assortment of those rejuvenating ionic detox foot baths. They range in price, in power amperage and in quality. Some come with the tub while others only provide the controller and the arrays along with some salt and liners.

The importance here is to get the best detox ionic foot bath that will suit your needs. Keep in mind the arrays will last on average 30 sessions and will need a replacement. When acquiring a detox ionic foot bath, you must be sure the company provides compatible arrays. Other considerations are if you will need a dual or single user. If there is two of you in the house wanting to detox the ionic way, then a dual user may be the solution. Sessions should only last 30 minutes and remember the color indicate the type of toxins in reaction with the ionized salt.

Ionic Detox may be a great way to start the year 2020 on a healthy note. We hope you enjoyed the buyer’s guide and the compilation. We are always open to comments, suggestions, and questions.


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