Improve the Circulation in Your Feet and Ankles

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It is a common thing nowadays that people in our society have circulation problems affecting their feet and ankles. They are bound to swell because of the poor circulation taking place. In addition someone with poor circulation will feel their extremities to be cold or feeling a tingling in their feet. Those sensations are caused by a few factors like someone with a high blood pressure, someone who previously had a heart attack or diabetics. Improving the circulation in your feet and ankles can make a huge difference if you apply some of the tips listed below:

1. Raising your feet.

Raising your feet can help immensely if you have poor circulation to your feet and ankles. If you remember when injuring a limb, they always say to elevate as part of the R.I.C.E. preventive measure. The “E” is for elevate to promote circulation. The same goes if you have a general case of bad circulation.

2. Be Active.

It’s never easy to be active when someone has poor circulation issues in their feet or ankles. An effort must be made to at least walk and get the blood flowing. Walking daily will indeed increase ciirculation in your lower extremities. If the weather doesn’t permit, visit your local gym and simply walk on the treadmill while listening to your favorite tunes. For those working in a standing position most of their days, walking on the spot or back and forth will aleviate this problem. If you are really restrained in your workplace for movements, try to move the toes and if you are behind a desk, remove your shoes as well.

3. Wearing Comfortable Socks.

Socks may not seem a problem to circulation but they are. It is known that tight socks can cut off the circulation in your feet and ankles. When shopping for socks look for that elastic band at the top of the sock to see how small it is. If it looks tight, then it probably is and the sock will leave some marks around your lower leg meaning, it is cutting some circulation of the blood flow. A tight sock will increase the chance of cold feet because of the circulation it prevents.

4. Sit with your Legs Uncrossed.

This may not always be possible for women, but as much as you can ensure you sit with your legs uncrossed. Crossing your legs will cut the circulation in your legs and eventually in your feet. If you are sitting with your legs and you are feeling a tingling in your feet, it is a sign that circulation is being cut off somewhere and you need to uncross.

5. Wearing of support Stockings.

By wearing support stockings, you will improve the circulation in your wholeg and feet. The support stocking is designed to help the blood flow. So if you can procure yourself those stockings. Not only your legs will feel better but your heart too.

Massaging Upward Improves the Blood Flow to the Heart6. Self-Massage Your Legs

If you start feeling some tingling or even some coldness in your feet, massge your legs like around the calf muscle. Simply massage in a upward motion which will help improve the circulation in the direction the blood flows towards your heart.

7. Break your inactivity

You could be stuck in a situation where you will be inactive, stationnary and not much room to move or go anywhere, like on a plane, bus or even as a security guard. You should get up, circumstances permitting once an hour and walk around the length of aircraft or near your workstation. This will increase the blood flow and your legs will feel much better.

A reminder that this article is only tips and advices that are researched and true. In no way are we doctors prescribing those measures for your blood flow problems. if you are suffering from poor circulation, you should still see your physician and get the whole story on the why’s and how you can remedy the situation.

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