Foot Care Cream With A Soft Approach

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As discussed in a previous post, foot care should be your first line of defense. This mean keeping them clean, aerated and moisturized. A lot of cream will achieve just that. What’s important is to be able to provide your feet a foot care with a soft approach such as applying a foot cream like Barielle BA-1012 Total Foot Care Cream.

Barielle BA-1012 Total Foot Care Cream

Barielle Total Foot care Cream For Your Feet

BARIELLE Total Foot Care Cream

This brand by Barielle is an excellent luxurious foot cream for the right price. It has a conditioning formula that softens and helps to eliminates calluses while healing chapped areas of your feet. It contains no peeling ingredients, acids or camphors, so it can never irritate the sensitive areas of your skin.

It’s application when twice a day morning and night will leave your feet moist and soft. The Barielle BA-1012 Total Foot Care Cream will leave your entire foot softened and silky. This product is the perfect treatment to show off great looking feet and really enhance a pedicure.

Its fragrance of baby powder is mild and adds to its softness. The cream should be applied after a thorough cleansing of your feet and any necessary care with the pumice prior to apply the Total Foot Care Cream.

What people say about Barielle BA-1012 Total Foot Care Cream

Opinions are varied in general about the Barielle BA-1012 Total Foot Care Cream but the main consensus remain; it works. In general the people who have used the cream have had great results from getting rid of calluses and rough patches to dry skin.

Overall, the price was satisfactory for the results it provided. The jar of 40 ounces can last you a long time and it is not that costly. Not much is required during the application for the softness to show. Finally for diabetics suffering of dry feet, the Barielle Total Foot care Cream is a sure bet to provide the required softness.


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