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In a lifetime a person will walk from 5000 to 6000 steps daily. The same person will travel a distance that equals 2 1/2 times around the Earth. Needless to say, your feet will get a lot of wear and tear. There are ways to take care of your feet and when you look at it, it’s not very complicated. Below are some easy tips to avoid being in pain. There is apparently an estimated 20% to 25% of the world’s population suffering foot pain. This range from arthritis to plantar fasciitis to heel spurs.

Take Care Of Your Feet By Keeping Your Feet Clean

Keeping your feet clean is the base in having healthy feet. Your should always clean your feet daily either by bathing them or simply by having a shower. When bathing your feet, you should be soaking them 10 to 15 minutes. Cleaning your feet should be the initial step before any other foot care is administered to your feet. Once clean, dry them thoroughly. get between the toes and wipe any water in there. If you dry your feet thoroughly, you will avoid the presence of bacteria’s forming up leading to more problems in the future.

Take Care Of Your Feet By Wearing The Right Shoes

Take care Of Your Feet With Proper Foot Care

Walking Barefoot

We all want to look cool, trendy and at times relaxed. This is very apparent with the selection of our shoes to match either an event or a situation we are in. As an example, at the beach, you will want to wear a sandal to be more comfortable and avoid unnecessary sand to get in your shoes. It is easier to remove and just walk barefoot in the sand.

One thing to remember when it comes to the right shoes to wear is that the foot is complicated. In your foot, you have 28 bones, close to 30 joints, ligaments, soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves. When they are stuffed in a shoe too small or too big, your foot will take the shape of that shoe and will lead to pain and a lack of blood circulation.

In Foot Revitalize, we recently published an article on wearing the right running shoes when running or for daily wear. You can read on it here.

Right Shoes Will Match Your Feet

What is important to know about wearing the right shoes is that you must respect the anatomy of the foot. You should be wearing shoes that will match the foot and is comfortable to the foot. This means having to wear them for many hours and be comfortable. Your shoes will often dictate the posture you will have. Bottom line, your feet affect other area of the body such as knees and back. You should always look for a shoe where the seams will not intrude and rub constantly against sensitive parts of the foot.

If you have to wear plastic shoes (like the CROC’s), wear them in a limited fashion. People will stay in them all day thinking they are comfortable. Actually they have an adverse effect on your feet. Plastic shoes will trigger plenty of sweating in them since they don’t breathe. Even with holes in them. Extreme sweating leads to planter’s warts, athlete’s foot and other forms of bacteria’s which results in…stinky feet.

Wearing high heels can also have a negative impact on your feet. Like the plastic shoes, wear them in moderation. If you are working in high heels, remove them at your desk. When going to and returning from work, wear a pair of running shoes that will support your feet while being comfortable.

High heels can cause issues like calluses, heel spurs and Achilles tendinitis.

Consult a Podiatrist If You Have Foot Problems

When problems arise with your feet, do not wait and think it will go away. You will need to consult a podiatrist as soon as possible. A podiatrist can be of great help in cases such as: planters’ warts, corns or ingrowing toenails, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

By not addressing those nagging issues will lead to major issues in the future. If you are suffering from diabetes, regular consultations with a podiatrist and monitoring your feet is mandatory. If you are an elderly, you could be suffering from osteoarthritis. So a visit at your podiatrist is an excellent preventive care.

Children should also see a podiatrist if they start having supination or over-pronation of their feet. many times it starts at an early young age and seeing a podiatrist is strongly recommended.

The frequency for seeing a podiatrist should be every six months for people with more serious issues. For minor foot problems an annual vist will do.

Hydrate and Exfoliate Your Feet

Take Care of Your feet With proper Hydration

Tea Tree Oil For Your Feet

Having to hydrate and exfoliate your feet can be a very healthy way to take care of your feet. We have discussed in details and described the steps to exfoliate your feet here at Foot Revitalize. When you exfoliate your feet, you are removing the dead skin and you rejuvenate your feet by doing so.

Hydration can be addressed with an excellent hydration cream after the exfoliation is completed. Exfoliation involves the soaking and the scrubbing of those dead skin cells. It is a great tool to remove calluses on your heels and the ball of your foot. If you wish to read more on exfoliation and hydration of your feet, simply click here.

One final way to cap a proper foot care is to have regular foot massage. massaging your feet can be accomplished by another person, yourself or through electric foot massagers. Foot massage can address other health problems through reflexology where certain areas of the foot controls the proper functioning of an organ. Use a organic oil, when getting your foot massage. It will penetrate the skin and hydrate it at the same time.

If you find these foot care tips, please comment and offer feedback on how you take care of your feet. It will help other readers and will make this site much stronger for your benefit.

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