Seniors Need Regular Podiatrist Check-Ups

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As we get older, we tend to develop certain systemic conditions such as diabetes or any other vascular diseases. These conditions can develop into further complications in our extremities. Therefore, regular podiatrist check-ups are a necessity.

Podiatrist Check-Ups for SeniorsOne of the symptoms noted with people suffering from diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a symptom of diabetes where people loses the sensation in their feet. This loss of sensation will affect proper walking and their balance. This loss of balance will further results in unwanted falls.

According to Dr. John Dailey, from the Missouri Foot & Ankle Institute in Washington, MO, seniors must be aware of circulation problems in their extremities. He further explains these circulatory problems can also cause injuries. An insufficient blood supply will result in ulcerated and painful conditions. This low blood supply will slow down the healing process.

“Usually, older patients see me when a problem has occurred, but preventive care would be better,” Dailey says. “Billions of dollars were spent last year on treating conditions of the lower extremities as a result of diabetes. Good preventive care could save money and help people avoid pain and suffering.”

Dailey is quick at stating that seniors need frequent and regular podiatric check-ups with their family doctors. His prescribed preventive regimen enhance the senior’s well-being while quickly finding out what is wrong. His regular check-ups enbles seniors to find out ahead what are the cause of poor circulation or imbalance when walking.

Regular Podiatrist Check-Ups Are A Necessity

“I suggest everyone see a podiatrist for a preventive exam, just like you would see your primary-care physician on a regular basis,” he says. “Those who have health conditions should be checked twice a year. We may take x-rays, examine how you walk, and make sure you’re wearing appropriate shoes, says Dailey.”

There is no doubt senior’s feet need regular exams. In a way their feet can tell what other things may be going wrong. Visit your podiatrist or local family doctor today and ensure your feet are healthy and nothing else is wrong.

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