ViscoPed S Shock Insoles Shock Improvement To Your Feet and Shoes

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Viscoped S Insoles - Shock Absorbing InsolesMany people are called upon to be standing on their feet for a long period of time. Insoles provided within boots or shoes bought are standard insoles built by the manufacturer and are built with an average tolerance. They are not made for excessive standing or for runners who absorbed a lot of shocks on each step ran.

One of the great insoles available for those demanding situations are the ViscoPed S Shock Insoles. A product from the American company Bauerfind specializing in superior products to help people live fulfilling, active lives, at any age.

The ViscoPed-S is synonym of a product made with high quality. ViscoPed-S Shock Insoles can be best used to distribute and reduce local pressure loads for those suffering from sole pain originating from plantar pressure or deformities of the forefoot and toes.  It implements an extra-cushioning on the medial side where plantar fasciitis pain originates.  ViscoPed-S can also be a great relief for those suffering from heel pain.  ViscoPed S can be worn in walking, sports and work shoes.

Viscoped-S Shock Insoles Features:

The ViscoPed S has a few crucial features aimed at making your feet feel new. They are:

  • Full-length viscoelastic insoles;
  • Raised metatarsal pad;
  • Slight contouring of the arch for gentle support;
  • Ventilation holes to allow for air circulation;
  • Five sizes may be easily trimmed for optimum fit;
  • Comfortable and long lasting;
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water;
  • Available in pairs to prevent leg length discrepancies;
  • Can be switched from one pair of shoes to another;
  • Viscoelastic medical-grade silicone shock insoles;
  • Perfect for peak shock load reduction to ankle, knee and hip joints;
  • Does not contain latex; and
  • Does not absorb odors;

The ViscoPed S Shock Insoles is a great accessory to help treat: Metatarsalgia, Fat pad atrophy, Foot pain (plantar pain), Pressure redistribution, Diabetic foot, Morton’s neuroma, Back and joint pain, Hyperkeratosis, Splayfoot, and Forefoot and toe deformities

What people think of it?

Some of the people who have used it felt great and even better than if they had othotics for their feet at a much higher price.  For long standing people, who had tailor’s bunion, the ViscoPed-S Insoles prove to be the solution.  In addition, the Viscoped-S also helped other areas of their feet that would hurt (the three major points of pressure that you use to walk/stand; if you have arches of any depth). Others felt like the Viscoped-S made their feet a little bit too snug with the shoes and they recommended a half size or more larger to accommodate them. This product will sure help people suffering also from Morton’s Neuroma.  People suffering from it, stated again, the Viscoped-S Shock Insoles performed better than a customized orthotics.

Viscoped S Insoles Side View


Based on the very positive comments registered and heard through our research, the Viscoped-S Shock Insoles is recommended for people who are standing for long periods, runners, people with diabetic feet and affected by Morton’s Neuroma. In fact, you can find a detailed review of the ViscoPed S here at Foot Revitalize. The product can make your feet snug in your shoes but adding a half size to your normal shoe size will help. Some who have used the ViscoPed-S found it a bit pricey but compare to orthotics customized for them, they were after all very satisfied of the price paid.  ViscoPed-S remains one of the top insoles for any shoes that will last for a very long time.

Check out the ViscoPed S Shock Insoles Here!

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