Having Foot Problems? Try Revitive the Circulation Booster

If you are having foot problems linked to poor circulation you may want to consider a circulation booster product called Revitive.  What is Revitive?  It’s a new circulation booster from the company Actegy aimed at improving your feet and leg circulation.

Features of the Revitive Circulation Booster

The Revitive Circulation Booster is a medical device designed to increase leg and feet blood circulation and improve your legs and foot problems.  It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which stimulates the muscles in your feet and lower legs which helps counteract stasis and maintain healthy legs.

By placing your bare feet on each footpads, therapeutic electrical impulses stimulate the nerve endings on the soles of your feet which in turn contracts and relax the muscles in the lower legs to increase circulation.

You can set the pulses emitted easily right on the device or via it’s remote for people who have problems bending down to set it.  Once the pulses strength are set, you set the length that you want Revitive to transmit those same EMS. It’s really simple and easy.

A newer and popular product that many of you have probably seen advertised on television, the Revitive Circulation Booster for your ache, strain and pain will also help the swelling due to various disease such as diabetes, varicose veins.

What users with foot problems think?

Many people who have tried Revitive have shown a lot of progress in the circulation of their feet and legs. Used only 20 minutes daily will make a big difference. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody with feet problems. Even the people struck with diabetes will find a nice tool to improve circulation in their feet, which will give them more mobility and less pain.

Revitive Circulation Booster -1

Although a bit pricey this revolutionary circulation booster is a true medical device capable to help circulation. It features a remote control for seniors that can’t bend down and operate the booster, which is practical.

Try Revitive and feel free to throw your comments.

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