Best Foot Files For Your Feet in 2021

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When finding the best foot files for your feet, the selection of foot files can be overwhelming. There are many of them on the market and they have all different features, which may confuse you even more. Some of the questions you could ask yourself on whether yo need to buy a foot file is:

  • Are my feet dry?
  • Am I suffering from cracked heels?
  • Do I suffer from calluses?
  • Do I want my feet to feel soft again?

If you answer: YES, to any of these question, you probably need to get a foot file. Foot files come in different style and may be called also a foot scraper.

What are Foot Files?

Before getting into the ten best foot files for your feet, it is important to understand what they are, how to use them and how to maintain them.

Simply put, a foot file is a file, which is specifically designed to scrape and remove the dry and dead skin on your feet. They are mostly used to remove the dead skin under your feet and will address your needs particularly for your heels and the ball of your feet. Foot files are very efficient in removing calluses which is a common foot problem.  When removed, the second skin layer is free of the dead skin and your feet feel soft again.

Foot files are important in the footcare of your feet. By using the foot files to remove dead skin and calluses regularly, you can maintain soft feet daily. In doing so, you will eliminate the pain and discomfort of cracked heels and calluses.

Types of Foot Files

Foot Files can in different types and designs. You can get foot files made of fine glass aimed at using on sensitive skin and to complete the finishing scrubs to the more coarse files, like the MAKARTT Coarse Foot File. This particular one will take old skin off easily, but should be used for rougher skin cases.

Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Markartt Coarse Foot File

Markartt Coarse Foot File

If you take your feet seriously, you may have to use various foot files with a different grade to get the right softness for your feet. This means going from a very coarse foot file to a smoother type. The very coarse foot files will be used to remove large calluses followed by a medium grade file and finishing with a finer file.

Electric Foot Files and Manual Foot Files

Still looking at our types of foot files, we need to also look at the two major types of foot files. They are the electrical and the manual foot file. We can also group the electronic foot files under the electrical type for ease of understanding the types. The electrical foot files will normally be powered with batteries or they can be recharged with a rechargeable stand. Foot files like the Amope Pedi Perfect come under that category. They will have roller heads made of coarse material that when rolling it shaves the dead skin off.

Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Roller Head Shaver by Amope

Amope Pedi Perfect Advanced for Rough Skin

As for the manual foot files, they are not powered and good elbow grease is what will remove the dead skin from your feet. If you opt for the manual way, it takes more time but is a lot cheaper to purchase. One thing to watch for is that for manual foot files, you may need more than one. They will have an end made of coarse emery, sandpaper or metal aimed at doing what the roller heads do on an electrical one.

Because they are manual, the movement of the manual foot file will be different than the electrical one. Manual foot files will work back and forth and the electrical one has a roller that rolls at a designated speed, which acts like a sander.

What Are Foot Files Made Of?

Since we have different types of foot files, they are made from different types of product. The various material they are made of are based on the role the foot files will have in a foot care session.

Metal and Sandpaper Foot Files

The metal and sandpaper foot files will be used to remove hardcore and persistent calluses. When scraping away with these foot files, extreme care must be adhered to. If you apply to much pressure or force, you will be removing not only the calluses but also soft skin and tissue from your feet. It will bring you more complications, so easy and fluid scrub is critical.

Sandpaper (Medium Coarse) and Emery Foot Files

The next type we can look at is the sandpaper (medium coarse) and emery files.  They are not as coarse as the ones described above but they are used more often since they are the more common cases of dry feet. They take more time to bring the softness in your feet because of their grade. The benefits of an emery file is that it works more slowly and won’t take too much skin and it is more gradual.

Glass Foot Files and Fine Emery Paper

Finally, glass foot files are made of textured glass or very fine emery paper. They are designed to finish the foot care session by giving your feet that final touch. They are much softer in the coarseness of the file and are not for hardcore calluses.

Are Foot Files Easy to Clean?

In general, foot files whether they are electrical or manual, will be very easy to clean. many of them will come with its own brush and it is as simple as just putting a little bit of soapy warm water in a sink and immersed the shaving portion (pumice) in the water and to scrub it. If you don’t have a brush, you can improvise using a toothbrush that you don’t need anymore. a small brush from any hardware store will work as well.

If the foot file is electrical, DO NOT immerse the shaver in water completely. This would be a safety hazard to avoid and it will ruin the shaver’s motor. Although many of them will go under water pouring like in the shower, many are made for dry skin only. All that is required is to remove the roller head and scrub it like you would have done to a manual foot file.

Are Foot Files Dangerous To Use?

In general foot files are not dangerous to use but they can hurt your feet if you don’t use the right sharpness or you overdo it. What we are saying is if you use a foot file that has a sharp grate, you may remove too much skin. Removing too much skin will result in irritated feet. This because you have taken too much skin and some live skin may have been removed inadvertently. You may end up also cutting yourself, so caution is important when using sharp manual foot file.

Which Is Best, Manual or Electric Foot Files?

When we present this question to our users and customers, who do need to buff the dead skin away, the answer remains unclear. We are all different and our preferences will differ on how to handle our feet. Frankly there are no clear answers because they both work. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. As an example, a manual foot files is much cheaper than an electric foot file.

On the other side, a manual foot file can take much longer for you to get desired soft skin on your feet. They can also be quite messy as well. You may also require two or three different foot files to achieve this perfect softness, which will add to your cost.

On the other hand, manual foot files are cheaper than the electric ones as a single unit. Electric Foot Files can range anywhere from 30 to 70 dollars and another $20.00 to replace its roller head. But the shaving of dead skin and calluses will be smoother, easier and take less time. Some companies have gone the rechargeable way to save on batteries. In the end, there are pros and cons to both. So the choice is up to you.

Personally, my wife was removing dead skin manually and then when she was told about the Amope Pedi Perfect, she had to get it because of its main advantages, efficient and a short time to do it.

Finding the Best Foot Files for Your Feet

This takes us to our top ten list of the best foot files for your feet, you can get for your feet. We have broken them down in the two categories mentioned above: manual and electric.

So we will have the top 5 electric foot files and the top 5 manual foot files, commencing with the best five manual foot files. We hope you will enjoy our list and that it will help you in your decision of acquiring a foot file or foot files that works for your feet.

5 Best Manual Foot Files for 2021

Manual foot files were listed based on factors such as its shape, coarse grade, maintenance, weight, effectiveness, and cost. As a summary, you can also look at the table below depicting our best 5 manual foot files right now.

1 – Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp Foot File

Microplane surprisingly is not a company that specifically manufacture foot files. They actually specialize in anything where rasp and grating are used like in the kitchen, for example. Indeed, Microplane also manufactures cheese graters. So they are in the business of removing the components of a substance such as cheese and yes… skin.

Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Microplane Colossal Foot File

Microplane Colossal Pedicure (Foot Rasp)

Like its name says, the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp Foot File is designed to take care of calluses and dry skin with a lot of strength. It was created with the aim of removing the dead skin and calluses quickly. This means the Microplane Colossal foot file has as a rasp made of flat metal. The file has a strong grade, which will remove the dead skin and calluses without any great effort. The Colossal foot file is ideal if you want to tackle the big jobs and you have serious calluses to remove. Consider the Microplane as the first line of defense. It is not the right foot file if you plan to smooth or do the finishing touch.

It is a big foot file and it is a sharp one, so be careful when handling it. The Colossal is a great foot file because it will take quite a bit of dead skin on your first attempt. Many reviews on other sites are promulgating not to go too hard when attacking those zany calluses. I would recommend you attack the removal of your dead skin on your feet by doing some on one given day and continue 24 to 36 hours later. because the Microplane takes a lot of skin off immediately, you may be damaging the soft layer of skin under the calluses.

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Foot Rasp Main Features

Some of the features of the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp are:

  • Comes in various colors;
  • Eliminates  thick dead skin quickly;
  • Can be done on wet or dry skin;
  • Big and hold a large file surface; and
  • Sharp rasp.

As mentioned earlier, the Microplane comes in several colors. They came in BLACK, BROWN, PINK, WHITE, ORCHID. I would recommend soaking your feet before for a better  filing. It will work great either wet (soaked) or on dry feet. Cleaning your Microplane Colossal is very easy. All you need to do is use soapy water and use an old toothbrush or a cleaning brush  and gave it a good scrub.

Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Black Microplane Colossal Foot File

Microplane Colossal Foot File

Many reviews and even Microplane recommends not to over buff your calluses for the fear of removing the soft skin. The Microplane foot rasp is a very affordable rasp foot  file. It can be purchased for approximately $10.00USD. I would recommend you also acquire a finer foot file to apply the final scrub to smooth things under your feet and get in to these smaller areas.

Check out the Microplane Pedicure Rasp Here!


2 – MAKARTT Stainless Steel Coarse Foot File

In second place of our best foot files for 2021, we find the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Coarse Foot File. Synonym of quality, the MAKARTT foot files are very affordable.  They are very light in weight to control allowing you to perform a perfect shaving of your dead skin and calluses. In addition, it allows spending the time needed to get that perfect softness on your feet. Its lightweight also allows to include it in your baggage if you are constantly on the move.

Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Markartt Coarse Foot Rasp

Markartt Coarse Foot File

MAKARTT Coarse Foot File Is very Affordable

What is significant with the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Coarse Foot File is its cost alone. For less than $10.00, you can get this foot file and save you money in the long run. It removes calluses and persistent dry skin easily and safely.  So if you feel like a pedicure is not in your budget, the MAKARTT Coarse Rasp Blades can put money in your wallet or bank account.

One of the main reasons we recognized the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Foot File is the fact they are solid and sturdy. The rasp blade is made of stainless steel, so no risk of rusting. It has an ergonomically designed plastic handle, which will give you a better grip and for an extended period of time without getting tired. Its stainless steel blade will also give you hours of buffing dry skin and calluses away without breaking. old foot rasps firmly.

Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Ergonomic Handle of the Markartt Foot File

Ergonomic Plastic Handle

Recognized as one of the most effective calluses remover, the MAKARTT stainless steel rasp is sharp and very effective.  The replaceable blade feature extends the life of the foot file and keeps the same effectiveness for a long time. The blade works well on thick calluses and on stubborn heels. In addition, you can use it on wet or dry feet. The MAKARTT Coarse Foot File is excellent for that first shave of that thick dead skin. The MAKARTT will leave a lot competition behind such as pumice stone and callus removal gels products.

MARKARTT Coarse Foot File Main Features

Below is a list of the features offered by the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Coarse Foot File:

  • Coarse Rasp Adds More Sharpness to the Foot File;
  • Replaceable Embedded Blade;
  • Stainless Steel Blade Allows Removal on Wet and Dry Feet;
  • Very Affordable;
  • Ergonomically Designed Plastic Handle;
  • Efficient in Removing Tough Calluses and Dry Skin Layers;
  • Light and Portable.

What the Users Are Saying…

When we compiled the feedback and comments of those who used the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Foot File, it was very hard to find any issues with the foot rasp. many of the customers who have the device were extremely happy for many reasons listed in our features above. They thought the foot file by MAKARTT was very affordable, even cheap for a file where you can get a replacement blade inserted and prolonged the life extension of the foot file.


Best Foot Files for Your Feet - Foot File for Your FeetThey liked the effectiveness of the MAKARTT foot file provided by removing tough calluses almost instantly. many also enjoyed the fact you can use it on wet feet like after a shower or after soaking your feet as well dry. Others truly enjoyed it came with a replacement blade.

It is a big file, so for the smaller areas, many agreed the MAKARTT is probably not the right tool and smaller and finer foot files may be required. One other great aspect of the MARKARTT Stainless Steel Foot File is it can remove dead skin in both directions.

Best Foot File on the Market - the MARKARTT Stainless Steel Rasp

Stainless Steel Blade



How Should You Use the MARKARTT Foot File:

a. One great advantage of the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Foot File is that you can use it on dry skin. So you don’t need to have your feet wet for efficiency.

b. To gain more from your stainless steel blade, all you need to do is line up the foot file with its blade side against the area you need the dead skin to be removed.

c. A simple back and forth movement applied will remove the skin very easily thanks to its sharp blade. For thick and stubborn calluses, simply apply more pressure.

d. To avoid any cuts, run the MAKARTT foot file in an up and down motion. DO NOT USE IT SIDE TO SIDE.

e. The overuse of the foot file may cause injury. When the dry skin or calluses are removed, you should stop filing.

How to maintain your MAKARTT Stainless Steel Foot File:

Rinse the foot file under warm water, Let it run through the blades until all the residues are gone from your stainless steel blade.

Once cleaned, let it soak in a sterilized solution similar to those used in a barber shop or hairstylists. Recommended soaking peiod is approximately 15 minutes.

Gave the foot file a second rinse to remove any skin residue that may have come loose in the solution as well as the solution itself.

Let the foot file dry thoroughly before using it for your next filing.

Our Final Thoughts on the MARKARTT Coarse Foot File

Overall, the MAKARTT Stainless Steel Foot File is a reliable foot file that you can count on for the bigger work of removing dead skin or calluses. It is very affordable and even come with a replacement blade. Easy to clean, the MAKARTT is a very sharp foot rasp that you can count on to remove the most stubborn calluses. Its plastic ergonomically designed handle facilitate a good solid drip for better results.

Check out the MAKARTT Foot File on Amazon!


3 – Probelle Double Sided Multidirectional Nickel Foot File

Continuing with our ten best foot files and sitting third in our best manual foot files is the Probelle Double Sided Multidirectional Nickel Foot File. The Probelle line of product started with nail products back in 2013.  The brand originated when the founder’s mother needed a remedy for nail growth but couldn’t find exactly what she needed.  based out of the USA and South Korea, Probelle has developed various health products not only for nails but for feet and hand as well.

Probelle Double-Sided Nickel Foot File

The Probelle Foot File has a rasp blade made of nickel. It is designed to remove calluses on dry feet and is hypoallergenic. With a nickel blade, the foot file from Probelle can remove unwanted skin on any types of skin layers. The main purpose is to remove calluses in a safe manner. According to Probelle, the nickel finish helps prevent any damages caused by the foot file.

Making Nickel as the Metal of Choice

With nickel Probelle has made it their main sales pitch for all the great reasons nickel can bring to health products. Some of the advantages of nickel offers over metal reigns in two main categories: durability and safety.  Some of the sub-benefits nickel provides are:

  • Hypoallergenic components;
  • Non Cutting Finishing;
  • Durable life-cycle;
  • Easy Cleaning.

Coarse Nickel Layer

Probelle Foot File Design

The double-sided finish has a medium coarse layer of nickel on one side and a regular coarse on the other. When you use the Probelle foot file, you can easily switch side depending how bad your calluses are. When you use the foot file from Probelle, it transforms the dry skin into a powder, which makes it very effective and safe at the same time. It will avoid unnecessary cuts or rashes.

Like most of the foot files on the market, the Probelle Nickel foot file is ergonomically designed. It fits well in one hand for this tough skin shaving session. The ergonomic design allows for your hand not to get tired quickly after starting the removal of your dry skin. It is made of sturdy plastic, so there are no risk of the handle breaking in your hand when filing away. It is a light foot file at 3.2 oz. so it furthers help in the handling of the foot file.

The foot file comes in various colors such as: red, light blue, off-white, purple, and dark blue. The handle It can be carried in a purse should you need a quick buff at work or simply out and about. Cleaning them is relatively easy. All you need to do is clean it in soapy water, rinse and let dry.

Probelle Nickel Foot File Features

Below are some of the features of the Probelle Double-Sided Nickel Foot File

  • Ergonomic and sturdy plastic handle;
  • Double-Sided Nickel Layer;
  • Coarse and Medium Coarse Surfaces;
  • Hypoallergenic and Safe to Use;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Removes calluses easily; and
  • For personal or commercial use.

What other people say…

In general, customers who used the Probelle Nickel Foot File were extremely satisfied. They liked the effectiveness of reducing the dry skin in powder very quickly. It doesn’t have any risks of removing too much skin or cutting the sensitive skin layer. All in all, they were very content with the efficiency the Probelle foot file removed the calluses, dry skin and corn.

In summary, the Probelle Nickel Sin Rasp is a very reliable foot file. Made of nickel, it is very safe to use and it allows you to shave dead skin in all areas of your feet. The foot file from Probelle is a very affordable product available in multiple colors. It is very efficient on removing the dead skin turning it into powder rapidly.

Check out the Probelle Foot File on Amazon!


4 – PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot File

We are still counting the top 5 of our best manual foot files as part of our top 10 best foot files. In fourth place, we find the PIXNOR Foot File Pedicure Rasp Double-Sided Callus Remover. PIXNOR is another company from China, who sells many products associated with Kitchen Accessories, Health and Beauty and other products for the home. So foot files and foot care products are only one of many they manufacture out of Shenzhen.

10 Best Foot Files - PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot Files

PIXNOR Pack of 3 Foot Files

With this foot file, PIXNOR  has manufactured a foot file that has the capability to remove dry skin or calluses on wet and dry skin. They recommend a best use for the PIXNOR Foot File, after a shower or bath or after the feet have been soaking for ten to fifteen minutes.  This double-sided foot file works great if you apply a medium to light pressure over the dry skin or calluses.  Best results are obtained when you start with the coarse side of the blade and you complete your foot care with the finer side of the rasp.

Like all the other foot files on the market, they recommend going smoothly over the dead skin in order to avoid injuries or tender skin. The sharp blade can remove quite a bit of skin and therefore lead to damage to the second skin layer. the one featured here comes as a set of three files and at $6.99, you can’t go wrong.

PIXNOR and the Ergonomically Designed Grip

The PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot File are built like all the other foot files on the market. They have the ergonomic easy to grip handle made of a solid plastic. The solid grip shape enables you to shave off the dead skin for as long as you see it fit. In addition, a hole at the end of the handle permits the hanging of your files for storage or drying after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

What makes the PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot File a superb tool for your foot care is the double sided shaving head. All you need to is start with the more coarse side to take off the harshest dead skin and completing it with the finer side for a smooth finish after.

Some of the features of the PIXNOR Double-Sided Rasp are:

  • Comes as a set of three;
  • Solid plastic ergonomic handle for a more solid grip;
  • Double-Sided Shaving Heads;
  • Only Medium to Light Pressure Needed;
  • Best Use After bath or Shower; and
  • Can Be used on Dry or Wet Dead Skin Area.

What other people have said about the PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot File…

We’ve tried the PIXNOR Foot File ourselves and we found the PIXNOR was a great middle of the pack foot file. The set of three is a nice feature, which allowed us and the other customers who purchased it to use it for a long time. In addition, having the double-sided was a nice touch because you can start with the very  complete with a finer side.


10 Best Foot Files - PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot Files

PIXNOR Double-Sided Sand

Most of the people who’ve used the PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot File used it after a shower or bath as recommended, even if it works on DRY or WET skin. Their lightweight made it much easier to file and many enjoyed the instructions that are part of the package. As for removing calluses and dead skin, customers were very satisfied.


In trialing the PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot File, we discovered that this foot file was very effective, affordable and convenient. It comes as a set of three, so your return on investment is well worth the $7.00 dollars spent. It is easy to clean and the double-sided feature brings more options for your foot care. With only a medium to light pressure, it will remove the calluses and dry skin. The reason we ranked it in fourth place, is the fact that it is limited to shaving after a bath or shower for best results. As well, the lack of replacement blades is compensated with two other foot files in the pack.

Check out the PIXNOR Double-Sided Foot Files on Amazon!


5 – One Leaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File

In ranking our last and fifth manual foot file within our ten best foot files for your feet, we inserted the One Leaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File. The dry skin foot file is comes from the One Leaf . The aim of the One Leaf foot file removes dry skin and reduces the risks of cracked heels. In addition, it also helps the prevention of calluses and will give you smooth skin.

10 Best Foot Files - One Leaf Rasp and Foot Files

One Leaf Professional Foot File

The One Leaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File has, like all of its competitors, a large plastic ergonomic handle to facilitate the grip. It features a hole in the handles towards the end of it to make it easier to hang whether for storage purposes or let them dry after cleaning. Sold as a package, you get a nice set of one file and two buffers in a pack. The file has the perfect blade size of 0.3mm to remove the first layer of dead skin. As for the other sanders, they are designed to finish the job nicely for a smooth skin.

The One Leaf Rasp Foot File is ideal for someone who doesn’t have serious dry skin problems but more for the one with average dry skin and cracked heels. It is perfect for the finishing touches and would ideally complement a foot file with a coarser grate. The One Leaf Foot File package will work great by simply applying a medium to light pressure. In fact, all that is required is a back and forth motion to remove the dead skin and exfoliate your feet.

Below are some of the features of the One Leaf Pedicure Foot File and Calluses Remover:

  • Well-shaped ergonomic plastic handle;
  • 2-in-1 shaver heads;
  • micro-sanding rasp;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning; and
  • Affordable.

What others say about the One Leaf Pedicure Foot File…

The feedback and comments about the One Leaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File was very positive. Very affordable and safe, the One Leaf rasp lived up to its expectations. People with cracked heels were amazed the foot file performed without much efforts, which gave them time to apply the cream of their choice on their foot for a final touch.

10 Best Foot Files - One Leaf Rasp and Foot Files

One Leaf Removes Dry Skin

Customers loved the ergonomic handles and the ability it gave them to have a solid grip while a light pressure to remove calluses which enhanced their foot care session. Overall, the One Leaf Foot File is very well received by the customers and is recommended for finishing touch and medium cases of calluses and dry skin.


In summary, we have found the One Leaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File was able to accomplish the task of removing dead skin very efficiently. It is armed with an ergonomic handle to facilitate your skin shaving. It is not a harsh file to deal with and all you have to apply is a medium to light pressure. If you have serious calluses and a lot of dry skin on your feet the One Leaf Pedicure Foot File may not be the solution. The fact that it came as a pack of two is a nice touch and will last you for a long time. They are easy to clean and maintain and will undoubtedly become a very useful tool in your dry skin arsenal.

Check out the One Leaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File on Amazon!


5 Best Electrical Foot Files for 2021

In our next segment, we will look at the best foot files for your feet out there, but this time we will focus on the electrically powered one. We concentrated our efforts on the convenience, handling, replacement parts, design, efficiency in removing dead skin, and the cost. We may also add any other features such as lotion, carry bags, and added kit accessories as scoring criteria’s.

1 – Own Harmony Callus Remover

This callus remover by Own Harmony is one of the great electrical foot files on the market. Simple and easy to use, the Own Harmony Callus Remover has the roller heads to take the dry skin within minutes without any pressure. Like many of those pedicure products available on the market, the handle of the Own Harmony Callus Remover for your feet has this ergonomic handle. making it easy to grip and maneuver.

Best Electrical Foot Files - Own harmony Callus Remover

Own Harmony

Armed with a single roller head made of quartz micro mineral crystals, it has the duration needed for many hours of dry skin removal. The roller head is equipped in handling near 11% more surface area than any other competitors. So more feet coverage and less time to do it. The skin shaver has a safety lock button which adds more safety to your feet. it will rotate 50X/ second when fully charged.

Maintenance of the roller heads is simple by a quick rub and rinse and let them dry overnight while charging. It comes with its own cleaning brush to facilitate the cleaning after being used.

The orange one comes with 3X more power than its competitors and this will always depend on the conditions set for removing the calluses. The regular price hovers around the 70 to 80 dollars, but this week they have them on a sale that will shave off almost 70% off the regular cost, so that is an excellent deal.

Best Electrical Foot Files For the Feet - Own harmony Callus Remover

Own Harmony – Soft feet

The beauty of this callus remover is that it is rechargeable and comes with three roller heads already, so you will be set for a while. The replacement cost for two more roller heads is priced at approximately $10.00USD. We feel that it is a good price for the two roller heads replacement since some of them are in the area of $20.00USD. The 90-day warranty is also a nice touch and gives you plenty of time to return if you are not happy with the product.

On the safety aspect, as mentioned before the Own Harmony has an improved safety shut-off button in the event of a potential imminent injury risk. Some other safety directives on this product are that it should not be used in the shower or immersed in the water. own harmony recommends using it on dry skin for safety and better results. Moisturizer can be applied after the removal of dry skin.

Once fully charged (8 hours max), it is expected the callus remover will last for 45 to 50 mins of continuous usage. Own Harmony also proclaims the chargeable battery can be recharged almost 1000 times, so the proper usage should be to use it until the battery needs a complete recharge to maximize the life of the rechargeable battery.

Own Harmony Callus Remover Features

Below you will find some of the main features of the Own Harmony Callus Remover:

  • Removes 11% of the surface area;
  • Rechargeable battery will last 45 to 50 mins;
  • Roller head spins at 50X/second;
  • Ergonomic handle for an easier grip and maneuver;
  • Comes with 3 Roller Heads;
  • No pressure needed;
  • Easy to clean and recharge; and
  • Recommended use on dry skin.

What other people say about the Own Harmony Callus Remover…

Customers who bought the Own Harmony Callus Remover were very satisfied. They thought the roller heads were powerful enough to remove the dry skin without additional pressure. because of its strength, they felt it took little time to bring their feet to softness. They liked the rechargeable model because they felt it had more power than the battery operated one.

Best Foot Files For Your Feet in 2017 - Own Harmony Callus Remover

Own Harmony – Smooth legs and Feet

Many people felt like it was just like having a pedicure. When looking at the return on the investment, this alone is a sure bet for getting your feet soft again. The fact that the Own Harmony can get in the restricted area is also well received advantage. Some were hoping it would have a speed switch to take of their toe nails as well, but this feature is not available at the present time.

Our take on the Own Harmony callus remover

We felt like the Own Harmony Callus Remover was under estimated compared to the bigger brands like Amopé. On the electrical side of foot files, we believed the Own harmony was one of the best foot files for your feet available to buy. Its charge held longer and the strength delivered to the roller head was more than acceptable. In addition, the roller heads are so easy to clean while removing the dry skin in no time without any pressure. Finally we were happy about the price and the 90-day warranty. Own Harmony recommends not spend more than 3-4 seconds in specific area and their recommendation was right, based on our own trial.

Check out the Own Harmony Callus Remover Here!


2 – Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals 

We have reviewed the Amope Pedi Perfect Electrical Foot File here where you can have a look at our review results. Amope has different variations of the electrical foot files to remove calluses and dry skin. The one featured as our second best electric foot files for dry skin is the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals. This Amopé Pedi Perfect is identical to the Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File with regards to its functioning. The difference of course the color, which is pink and more feminine and its roller heads with crystals that are more coarse.

Best Electric Foot Files - Amope pedi perfect with Diamond Crystals

Amope Pedi Perfect With Diamond Crystals

The Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals will take away the hard dry skin in a short amount of time. The softness of the skin resulting doesn’t take long at all. The handle is ergonomically designed to get in all angles with ease and solidify the grip on the device.

Amopé relies on its roller heads design brand name Micralumina. Micralumina is a trademark name defining a hand tool manual or electric, unique to Amopé as part of their branding. Skin and calluses are removed by the extra coarse roller heads through a series of rotation just like a sander do on wood. Much safer and gentle, the Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals use the same principles through a safe rotating action.

Best Electric Foot Files - Amope Pedi perfect with Diamond Crystals

Roller Heads with Diamond Crystals

Amopé has come a long way in evolving their pedicure products. They have made from wet and dry and have gone from simple batteries to a rechargeable way to provide electric feed to its motor. Their roller heads are better quality and last longer. They have also added moisturizing products as an after care to dry skin removal.

Very simple t use, you just let the Amopé Pedi Perfect Dry Skin Remover do the work.  Roller heads are replaceable and if you use your Amopé only once a week, they will last for along time. This version of Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals is a great tool for exfoliating your feet. With their moisturizing lotion, your skin will feel revitalized quickly.

Best Electric Foot Files - Amopé Pedi Perfect with Diamond Crystals

Ergonomically Designed

This product here can function on 4 AA batteries, so it is not the rechargeable model. It is great for the one on the go where it is easily packed.  Extremely safe to use, this Amopé Pedi perfect doesn’t have the sharp blades you would get from a manual foot file. This Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals contains: 1 Electric Foot File, 1 Extra Coarse Roller Head with Diamond Crystals, 4 AA Batteries (included), 1 Cover.

How to Use the Amopé Pedi Perfect Dry Skin Remover

The Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File is very simple to use.

The first step is place the roller head into the Amopé Pedi Perfect head. Always make sure the roller head is carefully inserted and locked in. Place all four AA batteries in the device and turn it on. Prior to start, make sure your feet are clean and dry.

In order to get the most out of the Amopé Pedi Perfect, execute regular straight passes on your calluses and dry skin. The pressure applied should be no more than medium pressure. You have to let the device work for you. In general, it should be only light pressure applied with straight passes over your dry skin.

Keep going with the regular passes until the dry skin is gone. Do not continue passed this point. If you do, you may have severe irritation and inflammation for removing too much skin.

Once done removing the dry skin, simply wipe and or rinse your feet with warm water and this will get rid of the dead skin that remained. Once dry, apply a foot lotion or cream for your feet to make them feel great. As mentioned earlier, Amopé has a moisturizing lotion for after dry skin removal and it can complement your pedicure nicely after. This product is the Amopé Pedi Perfect Daily Moisturizer for Feet.

Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File Features

Below are the main features of the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals:

  • Roller Heads with Diamond Crystals;
  • Extra Coarse Roller Head;
  • Ergonomically Designed For a More Comfortable Grip;
  • 4 AA Batteries (Included);
  • 1 Extra Replacement Roller Head;
  • Use on Dry Feet;
  • Easy to Pack and Store; and
  • Quick Removal of Dry Skin and Calluses.

Our Say on the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals

As far as we are concerned about the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals, we are extremely satisfied with the product. As we mentioned before in our review of the other version of the Amopé Pedi perfect shaver, it works great, it is safe, and it will save you time. Where we saw some negative points on the product is the cost associated with it. The Amopé Pedi Perfect can be a bit pricey, and the roller heads too. With this version of the Amope Pedi Perfect, you will also need to take into consideration the batteries to replace at one point.

Best Electrical Foot Files - Amope Pedi perfect with Diamond Crystals

Amopé Roller Heads Grade

It all comes down to cost vs time. If removing your dry skin is a chore and you don’t want to spend too much time removing the dry skin on your feet, then the Amopé Pedi Perfect Dry Skin Shaver may be the solution. But if you have all the time of the world to take care of your feet, then you may want to look at different options like manual or pedicure in your community and get pampered by someone else.

Overall, we like the efficiency of the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals. We also liked the feminine touch brought to it by making those devices pink.

Check out the Amopé Pedi Perfect Here! 


 3 – Sunmy® Battery-Operated Electric Callus Remover and Foot File

With Sunmy, you are not getting the publicity you would get from the Amopé Pedi Perfect line of calluses remover but you are still getting a quality product. The Sunmy Battery-Operated Electric callus remover and Foot File is water-resistant and can be used in the shower. After you have finished the removal of dry skin, you can rinse the shaver’s roller head and let it air-dry.

Best Electric Foot Files - Sunmy Battery-Operated Calluses Remover

Sunmy® Battery-Operated Foot File

As it is the case for most electric and manual foot files, the Sunmy Battery Operated Dry Skin Remover is armed with extra coarse roller heads. Similar to the Amopé Pedi Perfect, it features the Micralumina replaceable head. With the Micralumina replaceable head, you can say goodbye to old and dry skin.

The battery operated device makes it easy to bring along on vacation or on a business trip. It is easy to pack and with a battery feed, you won’t need any rechargeable plugin outlet to depend upon when arriving at your destination. Simple to use, let the roller head do the work for you by applying light to medium pressure and execute simple, straight pass from your heel to the ball of you foot.

Its handle is ergonomically, so you can have that solid grip wile your hand is wet in the shower. In addition, it allows you to get in the more restricted areas like around the toes.

How to use the Sunmy® Battery-Operated Electric Callus Remover

Simple to use, the Sunmy® Battery-Operated Electric Callus Remover and Foot File will soon become your companion. If you looking for the best electric foot files, the Sunmy Foot File is a great option.

First, ensure you have the batteries and insert them in the Sunmy® Battery-Operated Shaver.  Next, execute straight passes by running the roller head over the dry skin on your feet. Concentrate on removing the calluses and dry skin in the worst affected areas.

Best Electric Foot Files - Sunmy Battery-Operated Foot File

Sunmy – Ergonomic Grip

The roller head effect acting like a belt sander will leave you with soft feet without much effort. This is the perfect tool, if you want to exfoliate your feet. The removal of dry skin will open your skin pores leaving you totally revitalized.

They recommend to use it before you head into the shower on dry skin but it can also be used on wet feet too. To complete your mini-pedicure, just apply a foot lotion of your personal choice to make your feet!

Below are some of the main features of the Sunmy® Battery-Operated Electric Callus Remover and Foot File

  • Ergonomic Handle for a Better Grip;
  • Battery-Operated;
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin;
  • Easy Care – Simply Rinse the Roller Head;
  • Replaceable Roller Heads;
  • Ideal for Feet Exfoliation; and
  • Extra Coarse Micralumina Roller Heads.

Our Final Take on the Sunmy® Battery-Operated Electric Callus Remover and Foot File

When purchasing the Sunmy® Battery-Operated Electric Callus Remover and Foot File, you will get a nice package. The package consists of the device itself with a spare roller head and a little brush to clean the roller head. It has a nice feminine touch with the pink trim. The Micralumina roller head are extra coarse and they will remove the persistent calluses.

Best Electric Foot Files - Sunmy Battery-Operated Foot Files

Sunmy® Electric Foot File (Wet or Dry)

Its ergonomic grip is a nice touch especially if you are removing the dry skin while showering. Wet hands can cause the shaver to fall and break, so with an ergonomic grip, it will help you keeping the shaver in your hand.

Some have expressed concerns the Sunmy Battery-Operated Foot File was not strong enough. It may depend on a couple of factors, such as a thick coat of dry skin to remove and the roller head was not coarse enough to remove that coat of dry skin. We would recommend reading reviews and articles such as this buyer’s guide based on your current foot condition. All feet are different and maybe you haven’t buffed that dry skin for a long time. In this case, you may want a sharper manual foot file and eventually once under control, to maintain the softness with a battery-operated device like the Sunmy Battery-Operated Foot File.Best Electric Foot Files - Sunmy Battery-Operated Foot Files

Sunmy® Electric Foot File Package
We strongly believe the Sunmy was efficient in removing dry skin and calluses from your feet. It is a sturdy foot file which has the ability to be packed away and brought on a trip when traveling. We liked the roller head design and how it was easy to operate even in the shower.

Check out the Sunmy Battery-Operated Foot File Here!


4 – Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover for Dry Feet 

Next in our list of the best foot files for your feet and more precisely under our best electrical foot files, we find the Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover for Dry Feet. This product is manufactured  the firm Nature Tech. The electronic foot file and callus remover is one of the top -quality electric or electronic foot file available on the market today.

Best Electric Foot Files - Pedi Electronic Rechargeable Foot File

Pedi Electrical Foot File

The Pedi Battery-Operated Calluses Remover operated on battery and like the one we looked at before, the Sumny battery-operated Foot File, the Pedi will provide dry skin relief even when you are traveling. It can be easily packed in your suitcase and once on vacation you can save yourself a pedicure and file the dry skin from your feet yourself.

Although the Pedi Electronic Calluses Remover and Dry Skin Shaver acts fast, it will do so with a gentle approach. All is needed is a light to medium pressure and let the Pedi do its work. It has unique refillable rollers which you can find here.

Unique Roller Heads

Those rollers will turn at a rate fast enough to buff away this persistent dry skin. Like a belt sander, the roller heads acts on movements straight up and down while rolling away. The roller heads includes 2 micro mineral stone aimed a blasting away dead skin off. Nature Tech claims this Pedi performs faster than any other electronic foot files, they have produced in the past. They have also warned of cheap imitation out there and not to be fooled by them. We also recommend the same thing from a buyer’s standpoint.

Best Foot Files for 2017 - Pedi Electronic Foot Files

Pedi Electrical Foot Files – Roller Heads


This device is safe to use and is also waterproof. You can use it on dry or wet skin.

The Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover for Dry Feet comes with a pedicure kit, where you you will find the ALL NATURAL foot repar cream. The Foot repair Cream is the perfect complement to make those soft feet last and bring a fresh odor. It is ideal for those suffering from diabetes and athlete’s foot.

Below you will find the main features of the Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover for Dry Feet:

  • Battery Operated;
  • Refillable Roller Heads;
  • Waterproof;
  • Can Be Used on Wet and Dry Skin;
  • Packed as a Pedicure Kit;
  • Ideal for Travelling;
  • Acts Fast;
  • Roller Heads Armed With 2 Micro-Minerals.

Our Take on the Pedi Electronic Foot File and Calluses Remover

We liked the Pedi Electronic Foot File and Calluses Remover but we were not swept off our feet with the product. Having a wet and dry calluses remover is always a bonus and it was noted. Although, it acts fast, we felt the roller heads didn’t last that long either. On the positive side, the packaging of the device as a pedicure kit is welcomed especially when you can apply the foot lotion after the buffing has taken place.

Best Foot Files For Your Feet in 2017 - Pedi Electrical Foot File

Pedi Foot File – Waterproof

As a majority, customers and users were happy on the action they felt when removing the dry skin. They were numerous stating the skin buildup was removed fairly quickly.

We recommend going easy if you have a lot of dry skin. if you remove too much skin thinking they will be soft after, you are mistaken. You could be suffering from irritated feet from removing too much skin. it may be easy to think that all this dead skin comes off but you may reach a certain layer that will be tender after buffing away. We recommend you take a certain amount day after day until you reach the right softness.

Many users shifted from a manual file such as an exfoliating pad and they were convinced the Pedi Electronic Foot File was the way to. It saved them a lot of time, energy and money from a pedicure.

If you have any comments from using the Pedi Electronic Foot File feel free to share your comments below.

Check out the Pedi Electronic Foot File Here!


5 – Magnifeko Rechargeable Electric Foot File 

Next, the Magnifeko Rechargeable Electric Foot File caught our eye with its simplicity and efficiency. This  little but powerful electrical foot file is very efficient in removing dry skin fast. They claimed it packs much more power than its competitors and when we trialed it, we agree. Because of its enhanced power, removing dry skin and calluses is not a chore anymore.

The Magnifeko electric foot file is rechargeable, so batteries are not an expense you need to worry about. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do your part for the environment and take advantage of using batteries once in a while.

Best Electric Foot Files to Buy

Magnifeko Electric Foot Files

As part of the package, Magnifeko has included two roller heads to remove that dry skin and tenacious calluses. There is one already on the shaver’s head and one spare.  With the Magnifeko, you get to push the options further and have it nicely packaged as a pedicure kit, which can be easily inserted in your suitcase.

Roller Heads are Waterproof

The Magnifeko is a great device and is easy to care for. It is waterproof and it can be rinsed easily underwater without damaging its roller head. This advantage will allow your skin shaver to be clean all the time. It comes with a brush for dry skin removal, prior to rinse. Made of skin-safe minerals, you get one fine and one coarse roller head.

You can easily get Roller Head replacements here.

Below are some of the main features of the Magnifeko Electrical and Rechargeable Foot File:

  • Motor is Powerful and Durable;
  • Spare Roller Head;
  • Rechargeable Cord;
  • Cleaning Brush;
  • Fast-Action Removal of Dry Skin;
  • Easy Care by Rinsing Roller Head; and
  • Comes as A Pedicure Kit.

Our Final Say on the Magnifeko Rechargeable Foot File

In general,  we were very satisfied with the Magnifeko Rechargeable Foot File. What really got our attention with the Magnifeko, is the strength of the power. There is no need, whatsoever to apply additional pressure on the shaver. The roller heads come in two grades: coarse and fine. These two grades allow you to start with the coarse and finish it with the fine one.

The care is simple and the ergonomic grip provided was well noted. The Magnifeko is presented in a nice package set and truly represents the ideal pedicure kit. Recharging your foot file makes life easy in the event batteries are worn out or dead. The purple and teal color is a nice feminine approach and is soft to the eye.

Best Foot Files For Your Feet - Magnifeko Foot File Package

Magnifeko Foot File Package

Some users noted the power was running low on power very quickly. This is due to the energy deployed when using it and attacking that dry skin.

We definitely recommend this foot file, it can be brought on your next trip and save you more money. It will the duties of a pedicure easily.

Check out the Magnifeko Electrical Foot File Here!


We have just reviewed the top ten best foot files for your feet in 2021. Compiling a list for foot files can be tough because in general, they all worked great unless you happen to purchase a dud. That will happen, for sure. Some key notes you can keep in mind before you go ahead and purchase the best foot files for your feet are knowing what type you want (manually or electrically) and the time you will have on hand to rasp your feet.

The one main factor you must determine is if you will go with a manual file or with an electric one. Electric models cost more but you will spend less time removing dry skin. It won’t feel like a chore. Manual files are also sharper than the roller heads of an electric foot file. Most of them are ergonomically whether it is manual or electric. You can hold them easily and have a solid grip. Some are strictly used on dry skin while some are on both wet and dry. That is for you to choose.

With electric foot files, you always have to consider the replacement of roller heads. They don’t wear out easily but they do need to be replaced. Always make sure to clean them after use. They will last that much longer.

Foot Files can be a fun experience to and a fun “chore”. The final result of having soft feet is very rewarding and it will improve the health of your feet. Removing calluses and dry skin will avoid cracked feet and future complications. I hope you have enjoyed your reading and you can make a better decision on your next skin removal shaver.

Again, feel free to comment below on what works for you and why. if it is electrical, please explain why it works for you. The same goes for the manual foot files.


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